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Hongkong high court to cancel the "Hong Kong Independence" Senator Liang Songheng, travel Huizhen qualification daily client 15 news, November 15th at 3:30 in the afternoon, the Hongkong high court is the chief executive of the HKSAR Government and the Department of justice to the "youth new" members elect Liang Songheng, You Huizhen was invalid, cancel the membership judicial review case ruling: the abolition of Liang Songheng, Huizhen tour membership. In October 12th, the new Hongkong Legislative Council oath ceremony, "New Youth" Liang Songheng and You Huizhen "show members elect CHINA HONGKONG IS NOT" (Hongkong not China) Hong Kong Independence slogans, claiming allegiance to the "Hongkong nationality", and joined the country shame shame China word "CHINA" is pronounced as "China" travel more, Huizhen burst foul language "REPUBLIC" (Republic of China) is pronounced "REFXXXING" (expletive). Responsible for the day to administer oaths of the Legislative Council Secretary General Chen Weian immediately said not two oaths, the newly elected president of the Legislative Council to re arrange. The morning of October 18th, President Liang Junyan ruled that "ndyp" Liang Songheng, 5 people travel Huizhen oath invalid, but allowed the 19 to swear. In this regard, the Hongkong SAR government immediately expressed opposition. That evening, the chief executive of the HKSAR Government in conjunction with the Department of Justice filed an emergency Hongkong high court, request a review of Legislative Council awarded the Liang Songheng tour, Huizhen et al re sworn the rights, and apply for a temporary injunction, banned two people tomorrow in the legislature again the pledging conference. The court hearing the case of emergency, the ruling shall not be issued a temporary injunction, but accept the judicial review application, and decided on November 3rd for sentencing. Liang, shame insult insult the country’s words and deeds caused a strong dissatisfaction with the formation of the Hongkong faction members. October 19th, the Legislative Council in accordance with the agenda of the meeting of 5 people to re swear. In the beam, two people to visit before the oath, the formation of members of the collective protest to leave, triggering the flow will lead to the oath of two people did not. In October 22nd, Liang Songheng went to National Taiwan University, tour Huizhen speech, continue to promote Hong Kong independence advocates, and claimed that the slogan "Hongkong is not the oath to show China" is "the truth". In October 25th, President Liang Junyan made the decision to postpone the "New Youth" two members of the tour, Liang Songheng Huizhen re sworn, waiting for the Hongkong high court in the judicial verdict, and does not allow two people before the ruling to enter the conference hall to attend the meeting. October 26th, Liang Songheng, You Huizhen in a number of non institutional members of the formation of the "human chain" escort, forced into the conference hall, eventually led to confusion caused by the adjournment. In November 2nd, Liang Songheng and You Huizhen once again break the legislative council chamber, and comes with a megaphone to attempt to swear in the chaos, resulting in a number of security personnel were injured. Liang Junyan, chairman of the Legislative Council, adjourned the meeting and called for help. After the event, Liang Junyan strongly condemned Liang, swim two people, referring to the impact of its repeated batches conference hall organized violence". On November 3rd, the high court of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region (SAR) heard the judicial review of the chief executive of the HKSAR Government and the Department of justice. The presiding judge heard testimony, decided to defer the decision. In November 6th, Liang Songheng, Yu Huizhen gathered men are all illegal.相关的主题文章: