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When it comes to HGH facts, whats the truth behind this latest medical craze? Read on to discover whats truth, whats fiction and the true miracle of human growth hormone. But before we dive into HGH facts, lets discuss what it is and how it works. HGH is the human growth hormone released by your bodys pituitary gland. We all have it, and all of our bodies produce it while were alive. Without it, we wouldnt function its that crucial. However, researchers have discovered that HGH is released less and less after we reach our 30s in life. This reduction in HGH levels in our bodies seems to be a major factor in why we develop age-related symptoms. So now that you understand what HGH is, lets look at the HGH facts. News about HGH has come to the forefront of the medical community and public eye, in part because of studies done in the last few decades. In particular, medical researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin did a clinical study. In this study, 12 men aged 61 to 81 were given injections of synthetic HGH three times per week for six months. The results were dramatic. The men increased their lean muscle mass, reduced their body fat, and enjoyed more toned and firmer skin like they had as younger men. It was as if the HGH injections were reversing the signs of aging. As soon as the injections stopped, the men lost their more youthful physiques and reverted to their pre-clinical study body composition levels. Now its important to note that these men made no other changes to their overall health regimens. They didnt eat better, exercise more, or even stop smoking. HGH was the only addition to their overall lifestyle. Obviously, the results intrigued the medical world. Then the public discovered these results. Needless to say, there was an increase in demand for HGH. But there were two problems with the HGH that was available at the time. First it was difficult for the user. It had to be prescribed by a doctor and it was only available as an injection. Plus, these shots were painful and costly. The second obstacle to using HGH was the risk of severe side effects. Some of these included high blood pressure, increased diabetes risk, deformities of the facial bones, and painful swelling of the joints. So as demand rose, people in the medical field sought ways to eliminate these two drawbacks to HGH use. They looked for an inexpensive and safe alternative. After years of studies, trials and exhaustive research, a solution was found. Trans-D Tropin is the safe, natural alternative to synthethic HGH use. Trans-D Tropin is an easy-to-use and highly effective lotion you apply to your skin. It works by stimulating your own pituitary gland to release your own HGH. Because your body is releasing its own HGH and not being given synthetic injections of it you dont have the risks. Its been shown to be completely safe for everyone to use. Trans-D Tropin is simply a natural way to restore optimal levels of HGH in your body. Now youve discovered what HGH is, the miracle of human growth hormone and the true HGH facts. Become Fit By Using These Wonderful Pointers By: Audrey L. Langley – Whether you are trying to get into shape, get into better shape or are in the best shape of your life, you will certainly be able to gain from these fantastic fitness ideas which can help you reach any fitness objective that you have in mind. Tags: By: William Begley – Even after making use of all those pricey cosmetics and following the pointers which your friendly community beautician gives you, do you end up with dull-looking skin? Right here are some useful pointers that really work! By: SPW68 – Improving your level of efficiency, when one looks at muscle building at its core, it is little more than making a muscle work to lift up a given weight. By: John B. 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