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"Hey Liu Tianzuo" children of braiding fat, styling is serious? Sohu entertainment Liu Tianzuo dreadlocks debut "hey! The child "by Jiang Wenli Li Xiaoran, Sohu entertainment news, Liu Tianzuo led starred in the city emotional drama has been broadcast in Zhejiang TV in November 7th, by virtue of the" lost "and" hidden marriage "," DINK "and other social hot topic of realistic description, launched by all the people watching on the same day, and Liu Tianzuo as fat Ye Fang three couples in the" baby brigade captain, wore a dirty braid of the mixed hesitate image of the audience remember this as a "little man" pleased to have a sweet. Although the shape is a little dirty but not reliable, fat ye pay is sincere in the play of Li Xiaoran’s wife Jia Yuanyuan and care, it is the interpretation of the "offbeat warm man". It is reported that, in order to the personality of the dirty braid, fat ye first and do other even spend 6 hours. But this does not seem out of tune with the role of fat, but with his acting and the ruffian on the character freely, both funny and funny, yes, called the "bursting point play". Looking forward to joining the fat God for the city to bring a comedy drama ending!   相关的主题文章: