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Home-and-Family On St. Patrick’s day everyone is a little Irish. Throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party is a great way to celebrate the holiday with friends and family. Green, green and more green; that’s the color you want to use for St. Patrick’s Day decorations and party supplies. Choose party supplies and decorations that are green in color. Select St Patrick’s Day theme party supplies such as tableware items, party hats, banners, jewelry, tiaras, glasses, wigs and costumes. Balloons, streamers, and cutouts are suitable for just about every type of party. Send St. Patrick’s day invitations to guests no later than two weeks before the day. Send St. Patrick’s Day thank you notes to all the guests who made the day such a wonderful event. St. Patrick’s Day Food: Serve traditional Irish food on St. Patrick’s Day. Traditional Irish dishes include corn beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, Shepherd’s Pie, chicken stew with dumplings, roasted potatoes and bacon, lime pie and sugar cookies. One really good thing about these foods is that they are easy to make for a crowd. For a great St.Patrick’s day party game try Shamrock Relay;start by dividing the kids into teams. The first person of a team takes the 2 shamrocks and lays one of the cut out shamrocks out on the floor. The child steps on the first shamrock and then places the second shamrock in front of them. The child steps on the second shamrock, reaches back and picks up the first shamrock and then places that shamrock in front of them. Continue until the end of the course and run back and tag the next team member. Kids of all ages will enjoy Pot of Gold Toss; start by setting a plastic pot a few feet away and marking a line for the kids to stand behind. Give children bean bags and have them toss the bean bags at the pot. The child who makes the most tosses after a predetermined is the winner. Offer chocolate gold coins for this game. Leprechaun Hop – Divide children into two teams. Give each team a gold coin pillow. Have one child from each team place the gold coin between their legs and hop to the end of the room and back. They sit down and the next team member goes. Repeat until one team is all sitting and declared the winner. Treasure hunts are fun; try a Gold Hunt by having the kids hunt for fake gold coins or gold coin chocolate candy. Place gold coins in not so obvious places and the child who collects the most gold coins is the winner. Lucky Leprechaun Says – Just like the game Simon Says but use the phrase Lucky Leprechaun Says. From the party games to the party supplies, green is the theme color to creative a true St. Patrick’s Day celebration that the guests will remember for years to .e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: