Guy roadside leaflets were fighting men and women inexplicably hit-plants war

Small roadside distribute leaflets was inexplicably beaten was quarrelling and Chinese daily news (reporter Yang De) 22 year old white felt himself out of luck, issuing leaflets to pedestrians in their work at the door of the shop, two young men and women are quarrelling gave him endless beaten up, causing brain concussion and nasal bone fracture. After the incident, the district police station involved in the investigation, but now more than a month later, the batterer has not got any punishment, it is just to work near white because of nasal surgery owed a debt. Small roadside distribute leaflets is a vague white from the rural areas of Southern Shaanxi, 22 years old, the head is not high, very shy, after graduating from school, in Dazhai Road near the people clean on a Chinese Health Museum on a few months of classes, only to encounter unexpected trouble. White introduced in October 16th this year at 10 o’clock in the morning, he was in front of the store on the morning of leaflets, "at the door of the shop, a man and a woman two are quarrelling." White said, two people are not old, about 30 years old, see people quarrel, he did not dare to look at, but it was too late. "The young man suddenly rushed to see I asked why they quarrel, I said no, but the man hit up allowing no explanation." The white manager Xiao Cui witnessed what happened, "the young man first hit, then the woman went up to play." Xiao Cui said, in white concession dodge two, along the sidewalk south after hit twenty or thirty meters away, the man finally picked up the roadside stalls of a small stool beat white, "then there is blood all over the place." Xiao Cui said, see things big, two batterer quickly left, Cui et al followed by the police in the back to catch up and found that the two men into a nearby area. The person in charge of Mr. Wang et al in the health museum under the help of mice into the hospital, diagnosed as nasal bone fracture, nasal septum, concussion and multiple soft tissue injury. Especially the problem of the need for surgical correction of nasal bone fracture, after a month of hospitalization, a total cost of more than 14000 yuan, while the majority is borrowed from colleagues. More than a month after the incident did not give a statement to the police rushed to the police, found through the plot to hit the man’s family. My boss Mr. Wang, a self proclaimed batterer uncle man claiming to be familiar with the local police, said to their wedding, the need for two days, after going to the police station to explain. However, two days later, when they find the Kunming Road police station, the police said the first doctor to white, and the batterer is clearly said no money. Subsequently, the police also said that the need for judicial expertise to qualitative. Mr. Wang said that they had repeatedly asked the batterer to give a statement, but the other side has not had any account, even in the white hospital did not show a face, did not pay a treatment fee. From a business not far away at the white health museum to the China Daily reporter confirmed the beat scene of the day, "a man and a woman playing a guy, guy was hit head is not high, Manlianshixue, the ground is full of blood." Yesterday, is responsible for the matter of Kunming Road police station Yang said the police, white was hit they have been involved in the investigation, and the case material has been collected, the parties are now being put forward to fight for justice相关的主题文章: