Gure sea of a wooden boat in distress rescue personnel rescued 24

Gure sea of a wooden boat in distress rescue personnel rescued 24 people in September 22, Fuzhou (Xiao Heyong) Fujian maritime bureau 22 afternoon bulletin, 21, a wooden ship lost power to Fujian Zhangzhou Gure floating head east of the sea, 24 people on board in the 1 leg fracture. By all parties to help, 22 noon, 24 people were rescued in distress, the wounded have been sent to the local hospital for treatment. 21 PM to 4:42 PM, the Fujian provincial maritime search and rescue center received a report that found a ring of wood ship, damage to the host in Zhangzhou city of Gure head about 60 nautical miles east, a total staff of 24 people on board, including 1 leg fracture. Fujian maritime search and rescue center immediately launched an emergency plan to coordinate the East China Sea Rescue Bureau specialized rescue ship "East China Sea rescue 113" to rescue the incident sea area. Informed that the sea wind, weather and other harsh sea conditions, before the professional rescue ships arrived, 2 local fishing boats Fujian fishing 64675, Fujian fishing 64878 of the 14 crew members of the guardian of the scene, and supply of fresh water and food to people in distress. After more efforts, 22 noon 11 o’clock, the injured were injured by the Zhangzhou maritime bureau coast guard ship first transferred ashore for medical treatment. At 11:45 on the same day, 23 other people in distress went ashore from a wharf in Dongshan County, Fujian. At present, the people in distress are being investigated by the local authorities concerned. Fujian maritime bureau said in the briefing, after the incident, the transportation department party secretary Yang Chuantang, vice minister He Jianzhong requested to carry out rescue work as soon as possible, to ensure the safety and rescue safety personnel in distress, while the situation informed the relevant parties in Taiwan. >

古雷海域一艘木船遇险 搜救人员成功救出24人 新华网福州9月22日电(肖和勇)福建海事局22日下午通报,21日,一艘失去动力的木质船舶漂至福建漳州古雷头以东海域,船上24人中有1人腿部骨折。经各方全力救助,22日中午24名遇险人员全部获救,伤员已送到当地医院救治。21日下午4时42分许,福建省海上搜救中心接到报警称,在漳州市古雷头以东约60海里处发现一艘无名木质船舶,主机损坏,船上共有人员24人,其中1人腿部骨折。福建省海上搜救中心立即启动应急预案,协调东海救助局专业救助船“东海救113”赶往事发海域开展救助。通报称,事发海域风力、气象等海况恶劣,专业救助船只赶到之前,当地2艘渔船“闽东渔64675”以及“闽东渔64878”的14名船员守护现场,并向遇险人员补给淡水和食物。经多努力,22日中午11时许,遇险的受伤人员被漳州海事局海巡船先行转移上岸送医。当日中午11时45分许,其他23名遇险人员从福建东山县一处码头上岸。目前,遇险人员正在接受当地有关方面调查。福建海事局在通报中称,事发后,交通运输部党组书记杨传堂、副部长何建中要求尽快开展救助工作,确保遇险人员安全和施救安全,同时将情况通报台湾有关方面。>相关的主题文章: