Gui Haoming the stock market is still a little price elasticity

Gui Haoming: the stock market is still a little price elasticity sina finance App: Live on-line master one to one guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the easiest way to pick up money why investors will buy shares in Gui Haoming? To answer this question does not seem difficult, the answer is that he wants to make money. So, how to make money? There are two ways, one is to hold a stock for a long time, waiting for its annual dividend distribution, and the other is through the stock price volatility during the stock market, seeking to buy and sell. Of course, in the actual operation, which is really difficult to distinguish between absolute, but its investment ideas are indeed different. It is customary to call the former a "value investor", while the latter is called a "transactional investor"". It should be said, in the public opinion, more and more people will express admiration of the value of the investment, as for trade investment, another point of view is speculative, it is always not to be seen. But the problem is here, on the current China’s stock market, the number of shares of real investment value is not much, if the dividend rate as the standard, the number of banks can be more than the rate of interest. This means that, although people have said the stock market now has a "rare investment value" is too small but enter the range of stocks, even as the community unanimously optimistic about the Kweichow Moutai, the dividend rate is little more than 2.12%, slightly higher than the one-year bank deposit rates. A shares the vast majority of the stock, is generally a few times more than one hundred times the price earnings ratio, then talk about investment value? If you have to say that there is investment value, it can only be in the next few years of growth as the theme, as to whether this growth can be honored, I am afraid that even the company’s chairman may not be able to speak clearly. But even so, there are plenty of people willing to buy stocks with uncertain prospects. The reason is very simple, is that these stocks have a good stock price elasticity, and more active, as long as can buy a relatively low price, then have the opportunity to obtain income — good, perhaps by an event, it will rise rapidly, you can get 10% or even higher returns within a few days. Such a profit opportunity, of course, is attractive to investors, so there will be a lot of stock market trading investors. But now investors are in trouble. For some time, the stock market volatility is getting smaller and smaller, and sometimes the index on the day of the whereabouts of the difference is about a dozen points, some stocks are only a few cents. Because the price is too small, also makes the market appear dead, to accommodate a lot of money to buy and sell on the inside, and also brings another problem: shrinking turnover. In fact, the amplitude is small, the situation has been traded in the market for some time. For investors, this is obviously not an ideal operating environment: because the index on fatigue, it can not provide the operation opportunity, but stock spreads and minimal scarce volume, but also makes the sale difficult. In this way, investors can only stand by. Now the stock market light, people on the market interest, the reason also lies in theory相关的主题文章: