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Politics You might wonder do Guardian angels exist in the pla. and do they really help humans? But the answer is YES. Since ancient times it was a treasured belief of followers of all religion and many have experienced the same in their personal life. Guardian angels are special angels who are ordained by God to hear and carry out His work. They protect and guard anything that is counted precious in the sight of God and this is due to the inexhaustible love they possess towards God. There are so many anecdotes and incredible experience shared by many people about guardian angels. They are no strangers to us instead they guard and protect us from evil deeds. Most of us imagine guardian angels as radiant, beautiful with light hairs with feminine features and large feathered wings. Also many of us have seen imitation of guardian angels in Church paintings, Cathedrals, images in books and inter. which brings us a clear look about the figure of guardian angels. In Bible, the holy book of Christians, the word angel appears several hundred times. They are portrayed as soldiers with mighty powers; we can read about it in Genesis where the angels guarded the east gates of garden and in Revelation where they appeared with flashing swords. Also Bible portrays about the deliverance of St. Peter from prison through angels as guardians. Angels in the literal sense mean messengers. They are of heavenly order and are used by God to convey his express messages, to act as helpers, etc to human beings. Angels were already present in the earth as joyful spectators when God created the earth. Do you think angels have a physical body? No, Angels are not fitted with any physical body, they are exempt from the natural impediments that encounter us; they do not have to suffer from physical fatigue, loss of energy, dimness of sight or hardness of hearing. Space or plain, land or sea, day or night, light or darkness, time or distance, cold or heat cannot burden their activities or arrest their motion. On the other hand they have the power to bring them under their control, or to use them at their will in order to carry out the mission for which they are sent out. For example, fire has no power over them but instead they made use of the fire. It can be read in so many places in Holy Bible. The angel of the Lord ascended in the flame of the altar (Judg 13:20) there appeared to him an angel of the Lord in a flame of fire (Acts 7:30) All angels excel in strength, unlike human beings who can be rendered weak through sickness, ill-nourishment and exertion. Angels are created full of wisdom and God created them with perfect beauty, power, holiness and wisdom. As they were created before man, and were familiar with the world from the time that it was created, their wisdom concerning this world is perfect. Being immortal beings, exempt from death, they have continued to live with perfect knowledge of all that has taken place in this world since creation. So they know all the past and they are aware of the present too, but are incapable of knowing the future unless it is revealed to them by God. Once a man who was crossing the Atlantic by ship was terribly seasick and confined to his cabin. One night he suddenly heard, man overboard! there was nothing he could do, but he said to himself, I can at least put my lantern in the pothole. He struggled and hung the light out. When the man was rescued his report was: Suddenly a light shone over my head and a sailor in a life boat grabbed me. This was purely an act of an angel who came to help in time of distress. Angels have their own kingdom and have different grades of lordship. Arch angel is the principal or chief angel of all. We cannot understand the whole mystery concerning the kingdom of angels, we can catch only a few glimpses from here and there. Angels are engaged in different kind of ministries as messengers, as helpers, as host, etc. From the scriptures of Holy bible we could read angels as helpers whom fed Elijah who was weak and discouraged. In Hinduism, angels are not specifically mentioned, but they believe in spirits who have the same ability to perform things as that of angels. Hindus refer to it as devas and they consider these spirits play an important role in protecting and safeguarding them from all evil harms. Angels are referred as malaikah in Islam and they have a faith that these angels act as messengers or intermediaries between their God Allah and His peoples in World. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: