Guangzhou police seized 1733 vehicles and five cars in the city today-synnex

Guangzhou police seized 1733 car five car today in the city (Jiao Xuan Kong Lingke) to further strengthen the management of road traffic safety, prevention and reduction of motorcycle traffic accident, Guangzhou police today (November 10th) in the city to carry out the "red Janus" five types of vehicles to improve the city’s unified action. Among them, in Whampoa  District, Panyu District five car violations prominent region, Guangzhou police deployed police to focus, to increase efforts to investigate five car illegal behavior. As of 16 pm on November 10th, "red Janus" five types of vehicles to improve the city’s unified action seized a total of 1733 vehicles, 12 people in administrative detention. Guangzhou police pointed out that the "five types of cars" basically unlicensed, no purchase insurance, once the accident, the accident damage compensation is difficult to protect, to the people’s lives and property safety caused great harm. In particular, motorcycles and disabled motorized wheelchairs, under the driving of economic interests, ignore traffic safety, speeding, overloading, retrograde, indiscriminate change lines and other traffic violations are common, which brings great security risks to the urban roads in Guangzhou. "Traffic violations five car seriously disrupt the city road traffic order, seriously endangering the safety of the public, especially the disabled wheelchair motor vehicles, electric vehicles, tricycles (Huang Baoche), do not have safety technical conditions of passengers, if the passengers on the road there is a big security risk. For your own safety, in order to Guangzhou traffic environment orderly, safe and smooth, please start from each trip, not driving "five types of cars", resolutely boycott the "five types of cars" illegal behavior. At the same time, Guangzhou police remind the illegal drivers use "five car" illegal vehicles, Guangzhou police to perform their duties according to law shall be protected by law, any unreasonable, or even malicious obstruction to violence to obstruct the police law enforcement, public security organs will investigate its legal liability in accordance with the law, will not be tolerated.

广州警方今天在全市查扣了1733辆五类车(交宣 孔令科)为进一步加强道路交通安全管理,预防和减少摩托车交通事故的发生,广州警方今日(11月10日)在全市开展“红棉剑锋”五类车整治全市统一行动。其中,针对黄埔区、番禺区“五类车”违法行为突出的区域,广州警方重点加派警力,加大对“五类车”违法行为查处力度。截止11月10日下午16时,“红棉剑锋”五类车整治全市统一行动共查扣车辆1733辆,行政拘留12人。广州警方指出,“五类车”基本上无牌无证、没有购买保险,一旦发生事故,事故损害赔偿难以得到保障,给人民群众的生命财产安全造成极大危害。特别是摩托车和残疾人机动轮椅车在经济利益的驱使下漠视交通安全,超速、超载、逆行、乱穿插变线等交通违法行为屡见不鲜,给广州的城市道路带来极大的安全隐患。“五类车”的交通违法行为严重扰乱了我市道路交通秩序、严重危害市民生命安全,特别是残疾人机动轮椅车、电瓶车、人力三轮车(黄包车)等均不具备搭乘人员的安全技术条件,如果搭乘人员上路行驶存在极大的安全隐患。为了您自身的安全,为了广州交通环境的有序、安全和畅通,请您从每一次出行做起,不驾乘“五类车”,坚决抵制“五类车”的违法行为。同时,广州警方提醒使用“五类车”非法车辆的违法驾驶人,广州警方依法执行公务的行为受法律保护,任何无理取闹、恶意阻挠甚至以暴力方法阻碍民警依法执行公务的,公安机关将依法追究其法律责任,绝不姑息。相关的主题文章: