Guangxi refined oil prices plus 50 liters of 93# gasoline spend less than $6-cagliari exchange

Guangxi oil price down 50 liters of gasoline 93# spend 6 yuan less contemporary life news according to the national oil price formation mechanism, combined with the recent period of changes in the international oil market, the national development and Reform Commission decided to lower domestic oil prices since September 18, 2016 24, that is based on existing prices, gasoline and diesel prices were reduced by 155 yuan per ton and 150 yuan. The price is the fourth reduction in domestic oil prices this year, the domestic oil prices and therefore the end of the two rose". After the oil price adjustment, Guangxi China IV standard 90# gasoline down to 5.45 yuan from 5.57 yuan, 0.12 yuan per liter lower gasoline; 93# down to 5.85 yuan from 5.97 yuan, 0.12 yuan per liter lower gasoline; 97# down to 6.32 yuan from 6.45 yuan, 0.13 yuan per liter lower; China IV standard 0# car diesel from 5.56 yuan down to 5.43 yuan, 0.13 yuan per liter lower. This means that after the Mid Autumn Festival, according to the general household car fuel tank capacity 50L to estimate, fill 1 boxes of 93# gasoline will spend 6 yuan less money. (Li Yi)相关的主题文章: