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Writing The book Good to Great co-authored by Jim Collins first came out in 2001 and has since sold millions of copies. Every year it sells more than 300,000 copies and in the overall sales ranking of Amazon, it stands at #66 and ranks #1 in Management and Leadership. What Separates Great Companies? The author Jim Collins and his team concentrated on eleven companies, which had delivered equal to or less than average market returns for fifteen years and for the next fifteen years, they delivered at least three times to average stock market returns. The research team of Jim Collins was a 21 member strong team which gave 15000 hours of work to the project. Everyone Can Apply the Lessons The business books generally try to find out what made certain companies succeed and why others fail under similar conditions. Did they make similar mistakes or was there any pattern behind what they did? The message of the book is not only for those who are in businesses; even those working in the social sector (or even in personal life) can implement the lessons of the book. Good to Great concentrates on the principles and values which worked well for successful companies in the past and are likely to serve you well in the future also. Will And Humility Go Together The first of the nine chapters starts with the statement "Good is the enemy of Great." Jim Collins also talks about the Level 5 leaders who display extraordinary humility along with the will to get things done well. It would have been great if Jim Collins had included the characteristics of such persons also, though there might have been reasons why he chose not to mention it. Loyalty is another trait which makes the Level 5 leaders stay longer with the problems and solve it. Experience is another factor which comes only with time and helps the leader decide from right to wrong. Only Right People Should Be Aboard During the transition of the company from Good to Great, only the right people should be aboard and the wrong people should be asked to get off. As a result, the company would naturally be on course to a great destination. The second stage is that of disciplined thoughts whereas the next stage is of facing the brutal facts which is necessary if the company has to achieve greatness. In order to have a fully developed concept, the companies need to have all these stages and cycles of good decisions to take place together. About the Author: The author Prasoon Kumar works for which is the leading online bookstore that offers all the current and all time great titles at never before prices. Find out what makes good companies march towards greatness and why other companies fall by the wayside. Get the book Good to Great at huge discounts only at ..uread../book/good-great-jim-collins/9780712676090 Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: