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Mental illness last October 10th to give children freedom to grow parents not to let children suffering from the twenty-fourth World Mental Health day. Medical experts suggest that the current mental disease has become a kind of clinical common disease, and showing a trend of younger age, white-collar. Among them, due to the influence of rebellious period, higher education and other factors, students of the second to the third year are prone to mental illness. In recent years, because of learning pressure and lead to children suffering from mental illness is no longer the case what news, the author also has repeatedly contacted the similar case from the case analysis, the author thinks, children suffering from mental illness, seemingly is actually learning too much pressure caused, and is not the root of learning but, learning is the fuse, to ignite the explosives. The real source of the parents, in particular, the parents of the child’s parenting style is a problem, the parents of their children’s expectations are too high. The pressure is not easy, but usually do not pay attention to the days and months multiplying, and children to communicate, only in accordance with the wishes of their children, the children far beyond the scope of the child’s ability, when children have difficulties, parents did not play the role of assistance, it is one disaster after another. From a young age, the pressure on the child, but in order to allow the child to test one hundred points, focusing on the cultivation of intelligence, ignoring the spirit of demand, ignoring the child’s moral training, resistance training. Give love for children, are based on the scores of the basis, if the test ideal love for children, if the exam is not ideal, the child hengmeilengdui. Children in this illusion of love, and slowly grow up, the mentality is also subtle changes in the occurrence of great. When children are not assertive, even have their own ideas, parents will also be ignored, until her children, when they have their own ideas, children never say to parents, but buried in the heart. Learning itself does not put pressure on kids, but the outside factors have become a focus of study focus, when the child had a problem when you think of learning cause, and this attribution is being blind, it is precisely in the blind factors is caused by the child, the root of the problem. Had received a case, the high school boys, their parents found me to consult. Said the child will have to participate in the college entrance examination (quality), but suddenly not go to school, I have no way to ask the child to go back to school. In fact, the child has been ill for nearly a year, and parents did not take the child’s illness seriously, they did not consider the child’s condition, but everywhere looking for prescription to let the child back to school. After understanding, the child has been in the hospital for several months, every time after reading the disease have to drink a lot of Chinese medicine for treatment, the hospital is the result of depression. According to their parents said the phenomenon, I decided that the child has been a major problem mentally, I suggest that they take their children to Beijing to find a formal authority of the hospital for treatment. To Beijing for treatment when the child is tied to the bed, the mother distressed child, give him untied, when the rope, the child will be hit, mother helpless, flow.相关的主题文章: