From the end of the armored car robbery suspects a soldier to return home after almost when the

From the end of the armored car robbery suspects: a soldier to return home after almost when the village Party Secretary Li Xuyi’s old original title: Armored Car robbery suspects back 300 thousand usury two or three months ago has just been introduced to the escort team as the driver after the robbery of cash 6 million, armored car driver Li Xuyi eventually can not leave the hometown of Yingkou. Acquaintances described: "he did such a thing to pierce the sky." When the past day which shocked the country’s armored car robbery, people are guessing, this middle-aged man why make a move. Police concluded that this is not the same business with Li Xuyi, the economic pressures facing. According to informed sources, the local escort staff greater mobility, Li Xuyi until the last two or three months before they were introduced to the escort team as the driver. Li Xuyi entered the community in the basement of a residential building by the library, until leaving by the camouflage for a short sleeved clothes at noon on September 8th, from the Yingkou Dashiqiao armored car robbery has been in the past for a whole day, and the area in front of Fenghua village has disappeared dozens of police cars blocking the door of the battle. Nevertheless, in the face of curiosity came to ask residents, or media reporters, community security personnel will describe the scene at that time. The day before 1 noon, an armored car into Fenghua Village Library Yiheshanzhuang, armored car driver Li Xuyi appears on the monitor screen, he entered the library by the district a residential building, when left by camouflage for a short sleeved dress. Monitoring, Li Xuyi chest backpack, quick taxi left the district. Soon after, dozens of police cars suddenly arrived at the entrance to the village and Fenghua, the north entrance round up. Residents were told to temporarily unable to enter the area, while at home was told to lock the doors and windows. According to the scene of the scene and video display, Li Xuyi had to go in and out of the library, has become the focus of the investigation. After the Xinhua News Agency announced the news, as a truck driver Li Xuyi and other escorts to more than the Agricultural Bank of Dashiqiao city from Yingkou City Agricultural Bank ATM, in national treasure into the galaxy residential road, Li Xuyi stole 6 million yuan. In the Beijing Youth Daily reporter visited in the area from the galaxy David Fenghua village Yihe but three or four km distance, but it was at the time of the rainfall, and nearby shops nobody saw the car appeared securicar strange. In the village of Fenghua Yihe District, residents have heard that Li Xuyi has been part of the money sent to a residential building’s brother’s home, police have conducted a survey to. Rob money worked in the company’s Chen Ping can not imagine, only a driver will be able to complete such a crime on September 7th afternoon, the intersection has access to the city of Dashiqiao Road police on duty, before and after the distance of 100 meters, divided into two posts. A truck is hijacked by Chen Ping (a pseudonym) news spread like wildfire, found that the company in Dashiqiao City, he had worked in has attention in the teeth of the storm. Looking at the full screen scrolling news, Chen Ping is also in contrast with their own work experience. Securicar usually sooner or later each number, but if the time is noon, it may be because customers need the amount is too large, to the city of Yingkou to the allocation of cash. But this is a temporary notice, will not know in advance." Although the mi相关的主题文章: