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Former Paramount Pictures President Goodman joined LETV to create the English original program – Beijing, China News Agency, San Francisco, September 13 (reporter Liu Dan) in July this year to $2 billion acquisition of U.S. smart TV production maker Vizio LETV announced that 13 former Paramount Pictures President Adam? Goodman (Adam Goodman) to join the United States as the film and television company as president and is committed to creating the original film and television content for the global cinema and Internet screen users. According to the music as the news release that day with the injection of Hollywood’s top talent content production and R & D strength, the first top film Studio Chinese in Hollywood established officially surfaced, it will help LETV independent research and development of global IP, LETV IP will move toward the global market environment. At the same time, the music, as well as the Hollywood will bring the value of the Internet Ecosystem + film business model, which will become an important step in the overall ecological environment as the u.s.. Music, said Goodman, chairman of the United States, as well as music as the film and television as vice chairman of the music, as reported by Zhang Zhao. Goodman served as president of Paramount Pictures, has lasted for more than 10 years experience in the production of the top movie in Hollywood, had produced a number of successful films, including "Transformers", "mission impossible", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "special forces: a comprehensive counterattack", "Star Trek", "funny show", dumbass "SpongeBob SquarePants 2" and "Armageddon" etc.. The Goodman film "Thelma", "the wolf of Wall Street", "true grit", "Nebraska" was awarded the Oscar nominated "best picture". Goodman day to join the music as excited. Attract me to join the music as the most important reason is that it has a unique Internet Ecosystem business model. Zhang Zhao is the leader of the Chinese film industry, and he and I have a common vision, we hope to work together to create a better original content, for the world’s audience to bring unparalleled online and offline viewing experience." He said. Goodman hopes to use the power of Hollywood creative music as the highest level of innovation to provide Internet content. LETV Zhang Zhao also served as chairman of the American film and television music as holding film music as vice chairman, Internet business group president, LETV pictures CEO. According to music, Zhang Zhao is known as the first person in the Internet Movie industry". Founded in 2012 as the film music for the world’s first Internet movie companies, open China film industry "Internet plus" process. The launch of the music as the motion picture films include "the times" series, "death squads" series, "bear" series, "ghost chuideng? Nine demon tower "," Tomb notes "," grand track "and" the Great Wall ". (end)相关的主题文章: