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Foreign media: Iran airlines to ATR company ordered 20 short-range aircraft – Beijing, Beijing, February 2, according to the Russian satellite network reported that Iran’s largest airline "Iran Airlines" in February 1st and the French aircraft manufacturer ATR joint venture company signed a contract to buy 20 aircraft. According to the terms of the contract, Iran airlines will buy short passenger aircraft carrying 70 passengers. In 2016, ATR will provide 2 to 4 aircraft for Iran airlines. Earlier, the transport minister of Iran said that Iran urgently needed to update the civil aircraft. He said that in more than 250 Iran aircraft, only 150 are in a normal state. In January 2016, Iran had signed an agreement with Airbus to buy 114 aircraft. In January 16th, the IAEA issued a report confirming that the government of Iran is ready to implement a plan to effectively reduce nuclear capacity, which was formulated after long-term negotiations with Iran. The day before Iran was lifted, most of the sanctions against the country were imposed. Subsequently, the United States and the European Union decided to cancel the financial and economic sanctions related to the Iran nuclear program. The sanctions imposed on Iran include the return of Iran to the world bank system, allowing Iran to buy foreign goods, such as airplanes, cars, industrial equipment and pharmaceuticals, before buying abroad.

外媒:伊朗航空向ATR公司订购20架短程客机-中新网   中新网2月2日电 据俄罗斯卫星网报道,伊朗最大的航空公司“伊朗航空”在2月1日与法意两国合资的飞机制造商ATR公司签署了购买20架飞机的合同。   根据合同条款,“伊朗航空”将购买可载客70人的短程客机。在2016年内,ATR公司将为“伊朗航空”提供2至4架飞机。   此前,伊朗运输部长阿洪迪表示,伊朗急需更新民航飞机。他表示,在超过250架的伊朗飞机中,只有150架处于正常状态。2016年1月伊朗已经与“空中客车”公司签署了购买114架飞机的协议。   1月16日国际原子能机构发布报告,确认伊朗政府准备实施有效降低核能力的计划,该计划是经过与伊朗长期谈判后制定。当天伊朗被解除了之前针对该国的大部分制裁。随后,美国和欧盟确定取消与伊朗核计划有关的金融和经济制裁。   解除的对伊朗制裁措施中,包括让伊朗重新进入世界银行体系,允许伊朗向国外购买之前无法购买的商品比如飞机、汽车、工业设备和药品。相关的主题文章: