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Fashion-Style There might not be a cooler activity in the world than suiting up in your favorite motorcycle riding gear and taking to the open road with nothing between you and the elements other than a layer or two of leather. Ask anyone who owns a hog, and they can tell you that driving a car or a truck just doesnt .pare to the exhilaration of riding a bike. A smart rider will balance style, fashion and safety but what if you simply cant find the perfect motorcycle riding gear for you? Here are a few things you can look for this season so you can take to the highways of America in style. When most people try to define motorcycle riding gear, many folks simply point to a smart leather jacket and maybe a pair of gloves, but leather can be used in several other areas to .plete your ensemble. One of the hottest fashions over the last few years has been the leather skull cap. You can find leather skull caps that .e with embroidered designs or ones that are blank. They are perfect if you have a lot of hair that you wish to keep under control or if you are riding in cold weather and you want to keep your head as warm as possible. You can even stitch your own design of choice on your own leather skull cap so that everyone else on the road knows exactly what youre thinking. While most veteran riders wouldnt trade the feeling of the wind in their face for anything, one feeling that they wouldnt mind living without is having bugs and road dirt slammed into their face and teeth. Thats why leather biker face masks are gaining in popularity. No one gets on the back of a hog so they can swallow flies and dirt for hours at a time. Not only are most leather face masks very affordable, they work great and can keep you safe should any debris fly up as you are riding and they look pretty cool at the same time. If you want to start an argument between riders, bring up the topic of gloves. Some riders swear by them and feel that the leather gives them a better grip on their bikes, especially during long rides, while others hate the loss of feeling they get and find them intrusive. The .promise is a pair of fingerless leather gloves. Your palms are protected against sweat and slippage while your fingers are free to grip the throttle and break without impairment. There is a reason why more and more bikers each and every year .plete their motorcycle riding gear collection with a pair of fingerless leather gloves. Oh, and did we mention nothing in the world looks cooler or meaner than a pair of these gloves over a big, meaty fist? .pleting your motorcycle riding gear collection is a fun way to get ready for that big trip or that small journey this season. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: