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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Introduction – Onida has progressed into a multi-product .pany in the consumer durables and appliances sector. It ranks among the top brands of India. Onida produces a variety of products like TVs, DVDs, Washing machines, Mobile phones and Air conditioners. This has always been innovative and caters to the needs of customers. Onida has a network of 33 branch offices, 208 Customer Relation Centers and 41 depots spread across country. Onida appliances are the regular ones to find in any house of our country. Features -Onida Window AC is a favorite of the Onida fans. This is very economical and eco-friendly. These ACs are available in 1 ton and 1.5 ton. The 1 ton Window AC is interestingly featured with auto mode, sleep mode, low dreading factor, rugged construction with thicker guage steel, Unique I-Control LCD remote, On /Off Timer with advanced startup, auto restart, Personalized 5-Step air swing and dry mode. Apart from the features mentioned above,the 1.5 ton Window ACis featured with double-sided drain provision. These amazing ACs range from 2 star to 3 star ACs.These ACs assure of efficient cooling. Beat the heat and get home Switzerland. Now, customers get to choose from a wide variety of Onida Window AC models. It has an assortment of models being, OnidaTracy 1 ton AC W12TRC3, OnidaTrendy 1.5 ton AC W18TRD2, OnidaTracy 1.5 ton AC W18TRC2, OnidaTracy 1.5 ton AC W18TRC3, OnidaSpeedcool 1.5 ton AC W18SPD3, OnidaSpeedcool 1.5 ton AC W18SPD2, OnidaTrendy 1 ton AC W12TRD2. All these are available in white colors. The 1 ton WindowAChas one .pressor and the net size is 560*375*600. The net weight is 48 kgs and the power consumption is 1250 Watts.Whereas, the 1.5 ton WindowAChas a net size of 660*430*700. This AC has anet weight of62 kgs and has one .pressor, the power consumption being 1950 Watts. Onida Window AC is a wonderful product and is the best buy for the people of India. It has energy saving features and is easy for installation. This can be easily used by anybody and is available in the leading outlets all over India. Enjoy being at home with your family experiencing the lovely cooling ofthis AC. These ACs are durable. This is suitable for the middle class people. Get home the Onida Window AC today and experience heaven at your place. Price in India- Depending on the various models the Onida Window AC price in India varies from Rs.15,490 to Rs.19,990. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: