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Finals: Federer 6 crown king Nadal two in the final defeat of the 2016 season are Sohu sports tennis finals of ATP in the war, but one of the most important games of the year, is the absence of the two legendary figure, two kings for the first time since 2001 and missed the finals. Review the finals for the 6 time, Federer is the most successful player, but Nadal is only two finals, but lost to Federer and Djokovic, career hasn’t won the championship finals. Federer in 2002 to obtain the identity of the sixth year-end finals, Federer group phase three straight victories, but then the semi-final defeat Hewett missed the finals for the first time, the final tour stop in the semi-finals. Then Federer opened the finals to win the road, in 2003 and 2004 for two consecutive years won the final defeat to Nalbandian Federer in 2005 this year, Nadal won the runner up, with second of the world’s ranking finals, but eventually missed the game because of injury. In 2006, Nadal first played in the finals, Nadal during the group phase two wins a negative ranking second qualifying semi-final encounter another group of three matches the first round of the Federer. Two people meet for the first time in the finals, Federer hard courts to occupy a larger advantage, two straight sets defeat Nadal, then beating Blake in the final third wins. In 2007, Federer and Nadal once again to the world’s top two finals, this time despite the Federer group phase made 1 wins and 2 losses record, but still small was the top of the group, and Nadal in the other group again in second, two players have again semi-final encounter. Like last year, Federer once again defeated Nadal in two straight sets, then the final victory over Ferrell, Federer for 5 consecutive years won the 4 Championship finals. 2008 Nadal again missed the finals due to injury, but also after the end of the group stage of the early exit of Federer. 2009 Nadal group phase lost to Davydenko and Djokovic, Robin Federer out of the bottom, although three straight victories in the first round, but lost the semifinal to win the final of Davydenko. The end of 2010 in the finals, Nadal and Federer win their team, then the semi-finals respectively defeated Murray and Djokovic, two people meet for the first time the final finals finals. But this time Nadal failed to break the finals over Federer’s spell, lost 1-2 runner up, Federer is to win the finals of the fifth crown. In 2011 this time Federer lost the first ranking, Nadal and Federer for the first time the group phase is in the same group, Nadal and Federer in the dialogue once again lost two disc lost third out of the group. Federer three wins and winning the top the group qualify for, Ferrell and Jo Wilfried Tsonga, sixth times won the finals champion. In 2012 Nadal was again absent from the finals, Federer is eighth time finalist against Djokovic, 2013 Nadal group phase three matches for the first time in the first round, Federer is also a group of second, two people again)相关的主题文章: