Feng Ke has made a lot of work for Jane Zhang, but it’s not necessarily a good thing-sexhu

Feng Ke Jane Zhang is a lot of cloth Bureau but this is not necessarily a good thing today, Jane Zhang married mother-in-law and son-in-law of the war drama netizens can abandon the Tencent (the April, Lulu entertainment Zhuangao) today (November 8th), Jane Zhang and von Foucault’s wedding held as scheduled in Italy. Believe that time, wearing a wedding dress, Jane Zhang will face a happy smile. The wedding dinner on November 6th, Feng Ke exposed a group of Jane Zhang and the wedding, two people were in good condition, the picture also loving and playful. Jane Zhang, 18 years older than Feng Ke, also can not see it is a "rush to the middle of the" middle-aged man in the. So love is probably the best preservative. Jane Zhang Feng Ke Feng Ke said: "the wedding invitations that accompany you to build the Great Wall, eat a string of children, until the old." Jane Zhang said: "don’t back out!". Two people in Chengdu, with the most authentic taste of the home, sworn in their marriage, as if it is better. Today, Feng Ke and Jane Zhang, together with the operation of the era of small cities, and no matter how much the two sides in the shares of the dispute, the fact that the couple shop is not changed. From the beginning of Jane Zhang fame, Feng Ke and her, in the emotional and career entanglement. Some people say that Feng Ke’s greatest wealth is Jane Zhang Jane Zhang, but the most fortunate, then why not Feng Ke? According to the marriage of Jane Zhang since his parents divorced, perennial with his mother as a partner, the only source of income is the father of the family to 100 yuan per month alimony. In order to reduce the burden on the family, but also in the middle school 15 year old Jane Zhang began to live in the bar for the past 6 years. And at the age of 19, she met Feng Ke, 37 years old. At that time, Jane Zhang in Chengdu singer circles quite famous, Feng Ke often went to the bar to watch Jane Zhang’s performance, join, flowers, too late will drive Jane Zhang home. At the time of the Feng Ke youth, there is a long-term separation in a foreign wife and 6 year old son, because my father died from the lack of a father, Jane Zhang also had a crush on Feng Ke, the uncle of Lolita and thus gradually wipe out the spark of love. After the super girl Feng Ke during the planning to get married and give up fame with + identity in a very much longer period of time, Jane Zhang called Feng Ke "cousin", including hosting the 2004 mango "Pub singing contest" and "cousin" has been quietly accompany beside Jane Zhang, for she never appeared in the follow around. Camera. When in 2005 Super Girl, Jane Zhang on the stage singing, as the company boss Feng Ke quite some resources to help her, fans and brush votes behind the popularity. Have to say, Jane Zhang’s super girl period, from the choice of songs to the show, all have their own rhythm: from the beginning only English to sing songs, sung for the first time "a fire" in the winter, and then to the "Loving You" Dolphin voice, walked all the way down to keep fresh, let the audience a "Jane Zhang, how many skills not bright" sigh. Wucongkaozheng music concert, Feng Ke in the end to Jane Zhang had many ideas, but the rhythm, and the girl standing to sing on stage, is not the same. At that time, Hunan satellite TV staff have said, only Jane Zhang is a team to participate in the draft". :相关的主题文章: