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Business As business grows, you need to connect with various offices around the globe. Many organizations use SAP and Citrix systems to fulfill their networking needs. These systems aid in streamlining workflow by getting all the data of the workplace onto a single .mon platform. The Citrix system single-handedly automates and virtualizes desktops with Cloud .puting, and may be used with multiple devices like office .puters, smartphones, and tablets. With a centralized desktop environment, the IT department may monitor and control both enterprise and individual devices. However, when it .es time to print, users run into a number of limitations. While printing over Citrix-enabled devices is easy, there is no way for users to access printers outside of that .work. For instance, Citrix may allow you to print at a branch office in the UK. However, if you wish to print reports at a client"s office in your city, you may not be able to do so with the data on your Citrix .work. The PrintWhere Driver installed on an enterprise Citrix server allows users to print from Citrix, Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop to any printer on any .work. The application, XenApp printing , is a printing solution that allows users to access and print to any printer on any .work from any Citrix-enabled device, mobile or fixed. One of the prime features of the secure printing apps is the ability to search for and print to in-house office printers as well as public print locations that support this application. The benefits include: "Employees may print directly from Citrix-enabled devices to printers worldwide in minutes. "Staff members may print from Windows-based applications from almost all Windows and non-Windows devices, including Apple Macs and iPhones, Android tablets and phones as well as Blackberry devices. "Enhanced productivity. Employees and managers may print high-quality documents on-the-go. In addition to the versatility of devices and flexibility of location, your printing data is secure with these applications. The processing and encryption of documents in done on-premise, behind the corporate firewall, and is designed to prevent malware and viruses. The app ensures that your prints are exclusive to your device and the ones with whom you share the documents. You may even choose to disclose certain sections and secure the rest. These external printing applications aid XenApp and make SAP PDF printing simple, making them a valuable investment for enterprises that use Citrix and SAP systems. About the Author: iPad printingapp , to any PrinterOn-enabled printer in the world. The PrinterOn solution has been deployed in hotels Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: