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UnCategorized People can have great dental health and never have a cavity in their life, but sometimes there might be a time when a cavity does appear. There are lots of events in life that can suddenly change our body and teeth. When you go to the dentist and hear them talk about dental work you need or should have done, you might worry. What do all of those words mean? How can you get more information on what they suggested? Where can you find out about more options you have? Luckily, you can read the basics on the Internet or continue reading this. Cavities Cavities are places on the tooth where decay has begun. The cavity can be on the top of the tooth, between two teeth on the side, or even on the sides of the teeth. Regularly brushing keeps away the bacteria and germs that weaken the enamel on the tooth. Once the enamel has gotten thin, it is easier for the bacteria to penetrate it and cause decay, which is a cavity. The decay and bacteria need to get out of the tooth so that the decay stops. This is done by putting a filling on the tooth. Fillings Fillings can be made out of several different types of material, including silver, gold, and even .posites to match the tooth. The fillings are put on the tooth after it is thoroughly cleaned and all of the decay is scraped out. The fillings can be small, little, or medium sized on any location of the tooth. Root Canals Root canals are procedures done on a tooth that has decay or cavity in it. The roots or nerves of the tooth need to be cleaned out so you can properly heal your teeth and gums. Antibiotics might be given to the patient before the procedure is done, guaranteeing that most of the infection is out. Veneers Veneers are a way to improve your smile. They are a set of tooth fronts that sit over the top and are attached to your current teeth. Once they are put on, they are not removable like dentures. They will cover your teeth and provide a nice, even smile. Crowns Crowns are exactly what they sound like. They are a covering for the top of the tooth. Crowns are a cap that can be placed over the top of the tooth when it has been worn down from grinding, cavities, or something else that has worn the tooth down from its original shape and size. The crown restores it back so that chewing and eating can be done normally again. Sealants Sealants are also a treatment to help improve your smile. When you have teeth that seem to be prone to cavities, the dentist may re.mend putting sealants over them to keep out the bacteria so that more cavities don’t develop. A smile with less fillings is easier to take care of. Dentures When teeth aren’t properly cared for and begin to fall out or need to .e out, then you have a couple options for fake teeth. Dentures are a set of teeth that are made to fit into your mouth like regular teeth. They can be taken out and cleaned daily so they stay clean. Dentures are an expensive way to replace broken, rotted teeth in your mouth. If you need any one of these procedures, don’t hesitate to visit your dentist. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: