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The Outstanding Sporting Venues Of Sotogrande Posted By: sinuse

Houses For Sale Sotogrande Spaniards Prefer Andalusia As Their Holiday Rental Destination Posted By: sinuse If those contemplating Sotogrande property for sale required any more convincing of the wisdom of their decision, they would only need to ask Spaniards themselves – at least if the findings of one study recently undertaken by an online holiday rentals site is anything to go by. The poll, which focussed on Spaniards’ own favourite summer holiday destinations, found that Andalusia was the most popular of all, and by quite some margin – a third of all enquiries that the portal received during the summer of 2015 concerned this ever-popular region. Every single Andalusia province recorded heightened demand, the most pronounced being for Jaen, which saw a 92% spike, followed by the 55% rise achieved for Sevilla and the 46% rise mustered by Cordoba. Notable growth rates were also seen for Almeria, Huelva, Cadiz, Granada and Malaga. None of these trends will much surprise those perusing the latest Sotogrande property for sale, or indeed the San Roque area’s existing residents.

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