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Home-Improvement Electriomatic Adjustable beds or adjustable beds are beds specially designed for people afflicted with medical conditions which restrict normal movements and for those who are bedridden. Adjustable beds have special features of controls and levers enabling the person to align the beds position according to its needs of sleeping postures. Gone are the days when adjustable beds were only used in hospitals or for other medical settings. The adjustable beds features hand cranked mechanisms that would raise the head and foot of the bed. With time and invention of electric motor technology, adjustable beds were improvised using this advanced technology which became .mon as electric adjustable beds. A little more advancement in the design and the technology, adjustable beds have rapidly matured over the years. They are no more used by hospitals alone but also for residential uses. There are many reasons as to why consumers choose adjustable beds over traditional flat beds. For some it can be medical reasons while for other its purely for the .forts it offers. The Electromatic adjustable beds models a pocket sprung mattress on a beech slatted base with a five action movement. The benefits of being able to adjust ones sleeping position at the touch of a button are inestimable for healthy or incapacitated persons alike. The user can carry out these tasks with the help of button controls that make it easier for the individual to control movements of the bed without any outside assistance. Adjustable beds are beneficial for those suffering from any kind of body pains like ankle pain, neck pain, feet pain, lower back pain etc. The bed can be adjusted in any desired aligning the mattress with the affected body part ensuring maximum .fort. This gives a healthy posture which allows the muscles in the body to relax thereby giving maximum .fort to the person. In case of minor aches and pain adjustable beds increases the blood circulation in the body and help to relieve the pain by carrying fresh blood and oxygen to the affected areas faster. Folks suffering with acid reflux disease are generally advised to sleep with their head and shoulders in a slightly elevated position. These positions can be easily maintained with the adjustable beds as they can be positioned accordingly. The best part about electromatic adjustable beds is that they are programmed by the user so according to their needs without exerting a lot of energy and strength. The movements and actions can be controlled by just pressing a button. An added advantage is the massage system which is incorporated within that can be switched on for the user to respite from tensed muscles and aching joints. Actions like watching TV, eating in bed and reading books in an inclined position can all be performed with ease. An adjustable bed is a stylish, durable and affordable way to get a good nights sleep. Sweet dreams can be yours with the purchase of a quality adjustable bed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: