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Eight years old in the morning found the lost family was unfortunately drowned (Figure) – Beijing, Sichuan online news (Zhang Rong reporter Zhu Xueli) 25 morning, Shifang City Yuan Stone Town 18 years old lost, after his family search, it has been found in a nearby irrigation ditch culvert drowned. 25, 8:52, Shifang City Police Fire Brigade squadron received the Golden River Road Deyang city police fire brigade command center command, Shifang City Yuan Stone Town, an old man drowned, dead or alive, for emergency disposal of the police. After receiving the alarm, Jinhe road squadron quickly dispatched 1 rescue vehicles and 6 fire rescue personnel rushed to the scene. 8:57 Xu, fire and rescue personnel arrived at the scene, surrounded by a lot of onlookers gathered around. The families of the elderly, drowning woman 84 years old this year, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, three high, usually some action is not convenient. Yesterday morning at 6 am, the family found the old man is not as usual in the bedroom, they quickly look around. Finally found an elderly man in the vicinity of an irrigation ditch culvert. The culvert is too deep, the salvage site conditions are not conducive to close to salvage, fire rescue personnel borrowed bamboo to nearby businesses, and tie a rope and a hook on a bamboo pole, after more than and 10 minutes of treatment, successfully salvaged the remains of the old man’s. Currently, the cause of the elderly drowning is under further investigation of the relevant departments.相关的主题文章: