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Certification-Tests Remote backup solution is increasingly be.ing popular because of the ease with which it can be used to backup important digitized data (both personal and official). However in order to ensure proper management and optimum protection of your data you need to give special attention to a critical aspect called Service Level Agreement or what is popularly known as SLA. In fact drafting and reviewing an SLA is a crucial task as it requires proper understanding of clients storage needs and en.passing all the elements required to fulfill those needs.This will guarantee that your data is in safe hands, the backups run regularly and that there is an easy and quick restoration process that minimizes outage period and ensure business continuity. SLA for remote back solution Before signing the SLA for using remote backup solution, make sure it covers few important aspects. First and foremost, you need know who all will have access to your data, and whether that access is in agreement with privacy regulations. Additionally you need to be .pletely aware of the way your data is being backed up and transferred to the backup site. .plete knowledge about the security protocols and the warranties applicable to your confidential data is essential. .ing to the data restoration part there has to be .plete transparency with regard to the data retrieval process. You need to know how long it will take to restore lost data and the different levels of availability for various types of backed up data. The SLA should clearly mention the different types of backups to be performed (differential, incremental) and the methods for testing the integrity of the backed up data. Incident management should also form part of the service level agreement, providing a clear picture of response time. The quicker you get response to your request for accessing backed up data from the vendors end the better. Also as part of incident management you might need to restore only one portion of the application and the remote backup solution must be able to provide you with the option. This aspect has to be clearly defined in the SLA. The SLA should also clearly specify the financial implications of entering into contract with the particular remote backup solution vendor, indicating who will be liable for loss should the data backups fail. There might be instance where the file is corrupted or found to be unreadable. In those cases who will be accountable for the financial loss? Make sure to consider the technical specifications required to support the remote backup solution . In many countries fast inter. connections are readily available, making remote backup a practical proposition. But this isn’t the same everywhere. Finally the SLA should clearly mention the escalation procedures, indicating who all are the contact persons and the ways to reach them. The SLAs for remote backup solution mostly concentrate on capacity and security. Backup Success rate, recovery point objective, etc are also considered important SLA elements. All these aspects should be contained in the remote backup solution SLA to ensure a smooth and successful business relationship. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: