Don’t cut the price to the light of day in Saudi Arabia-cagliari exchange

Don’t cut the price to the light of day Saudi energy NYMEX in the United States in April crude oil futures prices on Tuesday (February 23rd) fell $1.52, or 4.6%, at $31.87 a barrel, Saudi oil Naimi ruled out the possibility of any cut, reiterated Saudi output unchanged reason, demand will absorb drag prices fall in excess supply over the past 20 months. At the same time, ICE Brent crude oil futures prices closed down 1.42 U.S. dollars in April, down 4%, to $33.27 barrel. The precious metals in April U.S. COMEX gold futures prices on Tuesday (February 23rd) rose $12.50, or 1%, to $1222.60 an ounce, as global stock market decline in risk aversion and capital inflows into gold exchange traded funds, boost the price of gold recovered a few days ago lost. At the same time, the U.S. COMEX silver futures prices rose to 15.257 U.S. dollars in March. On Tuesday (February 23rd), the yen and the franc strengthened, and the demand for the two safe havens was rekindled due to the recent decline in the stock market and oil prices. The European market, because of worries back in Europe continued to ferment, the pound against the dollar remained weak; the stock market decline in oil prices boosted risk aversion, USDJPY fell 1%, fell to below 112; the euro dollar refresh three week low of 1.0992, affected by weak economic data and the European Central Bank expanded stimulus is expected to drag on. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

沙特不减产 油价难有出头之日   能源方面   美国NYMEX 4月原油期货价格周二(2月23日)收盘下跌1.52美元,跌幅4.6%,报31.87美元 桶,沙特油长纳伊米排除了任何减产的可能性,重申沙特保持产量不变的理由时,需求将会吸收在过去20个月拖累油价跌跌不休的过剩供应。   与此同时,ICE布伦特4月原油期货价格收盘下跌1.42美元,跌幅4%,报33.27美元 桶。   贵金属方面   美国COMEX 4月黄金期货价格周二(2月23日)收盘上涨12.50美元,涨幅1.0%,报1222.60美元 盎司,因全球股市下滑使避险情绪升温且资金大规模流入黄金上市交易基金,提振金价收复之前几日的失地。   与此同时,美国COMEX 3月白银期货价格收盘涨至15.257美元 盎司。   外汇方面   周二(2月23日)日元和瑞郎走强,因近期股市和油价的涨势消退,对这两种避险货币的需求重燃。   欧市盘中,因退欧忧虑持续发酵,英镑兑美元维持疲软;股市油价下跌提振避险情绪,美元兑日元大跌1%,回落至112下方;欧元兑美元刷新三周低位1.0992,受疲软经济数据及欧洲央行扩大刺激预期拖累。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: