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The taxi drops accelerated network about cars fusion scheme called cooperation taxi companies over 150 Tencent technology news (Xiang Xin) November 9th news, Didi travel has officially announced that the more than and 150 taxi companies to explore the diversification of the road of integration and development, will jointly promote the taxi industry transformation and upgrading, increase revenue and operation efficiency of the driver, enhance passenger travel experience. To this end, the amount of travel also open up a taxi network about the integration of the development of private cars channel, the intention to meet the conditions of the taxi companies can log on to visit the official website of the official website to discuss cooperation. Earlier, in August 31st this year, Didi had announced that the taxi companies are working together to try to launch the "intelligent dispatch mode, at the same time, trying to get a taxi driver in the cab to undertake single basis, undertake the network about car orders. It is reported that "intelligence to send a single system considering the distance, congestion, supply and demand, the driver service evaluation and other factors, will automatically order taxi passengers, directed to a most appropriate taxi driver, so the driver can provide good service to more good order. Didi relevant person in charge, at present, the country has more than and 150 cities with dozens of taxi companies to diversify cooperation. To join the car drops for example, drops can taxi companies to provide professional driver training services, authentication solutions and vehicle financing solutions, taxi companies only need to play their own recruitment and line management advantages, can work together to expand high-end network about car market. And specific to the "intelligent dispatch Enterprise Edition, drops to increase the security operating efficiency dimension in the cooperation, can, through a bit of big data, ensure that at a high level in the industry pay enterprise’s good service cooperation taxi driver. The taxi drops also publicly about the car network fusion standard, request taxi companies to complete qualification, personnel management system, have a certain ability of information, its driver registration drops taxi driver accounts accounted for more than 30% enterprises, more than 50 vehicles in the taxi cruise vehicle, the driver agreed to vehicle information than can log on the website and sign up directly drops drops that will be the exclusive personnel for docking. Participate in the cooperation of taxi companies will also introduce drops of Internet technology, computer algorithms, platform data and operations management ideas. (if you want to travel and I exchange, welcome to add my work: WeChat qqtech_xx) recommendation: focus on "generation AI" micro signal (tencentAI), reply "McKinsey" available "to 2030 travel market? Reply to the "business report", the United States can obtain "AI business guide"; reply "Standford", can get "artificial intelligence and life in 2030". Reply to the White House, the White House, the U.S. AI strategy report.相关的主题文章: