Development and Reform Commission warning double 11 prohibit the fictional original price doat

The NDRC warning of "double 11": the prohibition of original fiction Beijing daily news (reporter Jiang Mengwei     Lin) "double 11" is approaching, the day before, the price supervision bureau of Beijing City, the national development and Reform Commission, the NDRC Price Supervision Bureau, check the prices of Dongcheng District development and Reform Commission jointly held the "double 11" price promotion will remind, to remind the operator according to law sales promotion. Jingdong, Dangdang, Gome, the U.S. group, Wangfujing department store, Amazon, WAL-MART, Caibai and other 18 enterprises to participate in the warning. At the meeting, the relevant person in charge made it clear that the use of businesses to avoid misunderstanding of the price tag, and the fight against the original price behavior. Specifically, the 3 departments clear requirements, to provide services in the network marketing of goods and shall, with the store, the price tag consciously in accordance with the law. The price should be true and clear, clear and eye-catching, price changes should be adjusted in a timely manner. Not outside the increase in the price of goods sold, shall not charge any fees not specified. In addition, also prohibits the use of false or misleading price bid form or means of deception, inducing consumers to trade, which marked the original price is false, false; the actual transaction price is higher than the original price discount; that the whole network lowest, the lowest market price, but the price is not true, do not say accurate, there is no basis for a series of behavior will be the focus of prevention and control. In fact, every double 11 before and after, are the high incidence of fraud. In October this year, Gome online will be the original price of 5399 yuan Apple  iPhone6  Plus  16G 4G mobile phone price for "gold price 6088 yuan, now straight down 500 yuan, in addition to 31 price violations, by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission fined 200 thousand yuan. To this end, in 25 days this month, the national development and Reform Commission has held a news conference to witness the Alibaba and other 8 companies signed the "letter" anti speculation "information sharing agreement", to carry out special rectification of the network business credit transaction hype behavior. This is the national development and Reform Commission within a month, once again called on businesses according to law propaganda, promotion. For this case, the deputy director of Institute of Fudan University network space management Shen Yi told the Beijing Daily reporter, the national development and Reform Commission has constantly publicly warning businesses according to the law of sales, publicity, on the one hand reflects the protection of relevant departments to pay more attention to the safety problem of online shopping and consumer rights, but on the other hand, it also reflects our online shopping such as repeated acts of false promotion. He said, a lot of fake products and price competition among the existing online shopping platform, in contrast to these products, some of the original price of high-quality goods in the normal price is exceptionally high, and some consumers do not have the ability to distinguish between genuine and fake products, resulting in some high-quality business recession, business credit products sell half truths the damage of the interests of consumers. Shen Yi pointed out that in order to eradicate this kind of situation, not only to the original fiction, businesses and other acts of vicious competition with online shopping platform for online shopping platform linked to assume responsibility for the illegal price behavior of business, the use of technology research and development, data statistics and other natural advantages, in.相关的主题文章: