Developing Your First Apple Watch App-icesword

Mobile-Cell-Phone As we know Apple Watch isnt new wrist or wearable device in the market but it is new interactive and .municative device invented by Apple. It can be used as most personal wearable device to receive real time information and interact with apps. Apple Watch will be .pletely adopted in the market in the mid of 2016. It has significant new advance feature that fulfill your needs. Through apple Watch you can access data in more personal and miserable way. Necessary Tools and Specification Apple Watch requires the availability of iPhone device to run third party apps and to develop these custom third-party apps; you need to use AppleWatchKit tool built in a new Xcode 6.3 and iOS SDK 8.3. This WatchKit App has two separate bundles: A Watch App that runs on your Apple Watch and WatchKit Extension that runs on your iPhone device. WatchKit software tool is not only users to create apps, you can also create Glance and Actionable Notifications for your iPhone apps that increases the user engagement by timely read only information that is a quick lightweight view of your app and notifications that you can take actions from the wrist. Features that you must know before start development Since Apple invented one of the powerful operating system of all time while ensuring ease to access wide range of features and scalable application. Apple Watch is also developed with imaginative features. Some of useful features are mentioned below that can help to increase the user engagement and revenue of your iPhone Application: Fitness Tracking: Through the built in Activity app you can track burned calories, body movement mainly brisk activity and stood up like how many times youve stood up to take a break from your sitting. This app is work upon sensors data. If you have kind of fitness tracking application then you can develop an Apple Watch app for your app and update your clients with this new technology. Built in Apps: Apple watch is truly amazing watch in all watch categories and it .es with a series of highly useful apps like Phone calling, Email, Message, Calendar, Activity, Workout, Maps, Passbook, Siri, Music, Camera Remote, Remote, Weather, Stocks News, and Photos, Alarm, StopWatch, WorldClock, and Timer. Now these days rumors can be listed for Apple Watch Second Generation with some more highly advance features that may be boost our personal lifestyle with technology. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: