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Depp joined "or" Murder on the Orient express self Branagh Johnny · Depp is expected to join Kenneth · Branagh version of "murder in the Orient Express" 1905 movie network reported on September 30th Kenneth · Branagh’s version of "Murder on the Orient Express" is currently in the casting stage, Angelina · Julie quit after piece of hope Charlize · Theron as the female principal. Recently, according to foreign media reports, Johnny ·, Depp, ·,; is expected to join the film in the. When it comes to Agatha · and Christie, it is hard for her to hide the worship of the famous female writer: "her insight and perception of the characters’ psychology is very accurate." "" ". I think the audience would like to see more of this aspect of the content, which is the need to dig deep, rather than we often think of the historical drama." "Murder on the Orient Express" to the Belgian detective Poirot as the protagonist, together with the tragic scene of the murder occurred in the car, Poirot must quickly find flaws, uncover the murderer in doubt, committing the crime again before it out. In addition to Branagh as the film’s director, will also have the starring Scott, Simon and Ridley · · Berg, the producer of gold. Although Depp has many fans, but in recent years he played mostly bad reputation, low, quality is guaranteed, it also indirectly affect the Depp impression to the audience. If he is confirmed to join the new "murder in the Orient Express", whether he can change into a state of decline, perhaps, the fans are more concerned about the problem. At present, the film is being prepared, which will be the first line actress will join the film, to be announced.相关的主题文章: