Demobilized cadres suffering from serious illness, the army so help…… Shaanxi channel people’s n-segotep

Demobilized cadres suffering from serious illness, the army so help…… – Shaanxi Channel – People’s original title: demobilized cadres, relatives suffering from serious illness, the army shot to help…… Fourteenth army brigade to carry out "help comrades" activities to motivate soldiers to join the practice of reform to reform at the end of the army for yellow American, Ouyang Zhimin special correspondent reports: National Day on the eve of the fourteenth army brigade officers and soldiers are coordinating local governments, special difficulties for 8 families to help relief, praise by the soldiers. This is a specific measure taken by the brigade to carry out the activities of "helping comrades in arms" and sending it to the end of the reform. Chen Xin, the commissar of the brigade, told reporters that with the reform of the national defense and the army, some officers and soldiers had changed their thoughts because of various new situations. To this end, they carry out "help comrades" activities as the main content of "help solve confusion, help solve difficulties, help to become talents", and use care to defuse the reform pains. Help puzzled, don’t let comrades mind break down. For individual soldiers fuzzy understanding of the reform, the future of the individual, posterior and family problems more practical concerns, the brigade cadres at all levels to actively help officers and subordinates talk heart to heart, unlock button thought. Nine army platoon leader Liu Xingwang concerns after the reform, restriction of personal development, working enthusiasm is not high. Instructor Hong Kunlian active and he formed a Bangdai pair, make him out of confusion, actively involved in work. Not long ago, Liu Xingwang was praised as "Excellent Communist Party member" because of his excellent work". Help difficulties, don’t let comrades in arms distracted. Liang Yidong, the travel officer, was in the general situation and took off his military uniform. His relatives suffered serious illness during his stay. What moved him was that he worked with the local government to help him settle his employment, cure his relatives, and solve the difficulties better. The reporter understands, the brigade for troops during the reform period, the increase in the number of demobilized cadres, soldiers separated, increase housing security gaps and other issues, to take military forces, economic assistance and other measures, and actively help solve. Help talent, don’t let comrades ability fall behind. Reform, transformation and post adjustment have put forward new requirements for officers and soldiers’ ability and quality, and some officers and men have the ability to panic. In view of this phenomenon, this brigade distinguishes the new post personnel, the new equipment backbone, the university student soldier and so on the category, for the officers and soldiers body plan, "the success path chart"". Staff sergeant agricultural by professional infantry to adjust to the new post, in the chief Chen Bangdai under the "charge" transformation, creating 3 new equipment training record. Help people in urgent need, true feelings warm heart. "Help comrades in arms" activities carried out, so that officers and men warm heart, energy enough. This year, the brigade finished the international joint training and joint exercises, training in Plateau and other major tasks, 34 units and individuals were commended, the brigade party by the southern army as "advanced brigade level party committees". ("jiefangjun Bao" on 07 October 2016 01 Edition) (    commissioning editor: Deng; Nan, Ren Lihong) 转业干部亲人罹患重病,部队这样出手相助……–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:转业干部亲人罹患重病,部队这样出手相助……   第14集团军某旅开展“帮战友”活动激励官兵投身改革实践   关爱送到改革强军末端   本报讯 黄裔、特约记者欧阳治民报道:国庆节前夕,第14集团军某旅协调驻地政府,对8名家庭存在特殊困难的官兵给予帮助救济,受到官兵点赞。这是该旅广泛开展“帮战友”活动,送关爱到改革强军末端的一项具体举措。   该旅政委陈新告诉记者,随着国防和军队改革深入推进,部分官兵因种种新情况,思想出现波动。为此,他们广泛开展以“帮解困惑、帮解困难、帮助成才”为主要内容的“帮战友”活动,用关爱化解改革阵痛。   帮解困惑,不让战友思想抛锚。针对个别官兵对改革存在模糊认识,对个人前途、后路、家庭等问题担忧较多的实际,该旅要求各级干部积极与部属谈心交心,帮助官兵解开思想扣子。九连排长刘兴旺担忧部队改革后,个人发展受限,工作热情不高。教导员洪昆炼主动与他结成帮带对子,使他走出困惑,积极投入工作。不久前,刘兴旺因工作出色,被表彰为“优秀共产党员”。   帮解困难,不让战友遇事分心。该旅干事梁益东服从大局脱下军装,待安置期间亲人罹患重病。让他感动的是,旅里与驻地政府携手帮助他安置就业、救治亲人,较好地解决了困难。记者了解到,这个旅针对部队改革期间,转业干部数量增加、官兵两地分居增多、住房保障存在缺口等问题,采取军地联手、经济帮扶等办法,积极帮助解决。   帮助成才,不让战友能力掉队。改革转型、岗位调整对官兵能力素质提出新要求,使一些官兵产生本领恐慌。针对这一现象,该旅区分新岗位人员、新装备骨干、大学生士兵等类别,为官兵量身规划“成才路线图”。上士农国生由步兵专业调整到新岗位后,在士官长陈行的帮带下“充电”转型,创造3项新装备训练纪录。   帮在急需处,真情暖人心。“帮战友”活动的开展,让官兵心头暖、干劲足。今年以来,该旅官兵出色完成国际联演联训、高原驻训等大项任务,34个单位和个人受到表彰,旅党委被南部战区陆军评为“先进旅团级单位党委”。   (《解放军报》2016年10月07日 01版) (责编:邓  楠、任丽虹)相关的主题文章: