Delhi Government Has Taken Some Steps To Curb On Capitals Pollution – It Should Now Do Something-ca1477

Outdoors The last few days were full of decisions, controversies, funny videos going viral on social media and the people of the city talking about the practicality of the decisions that Delhi Government has taken recently. New Year will be the time for the implementation of some of these decisions including limiting the usage of cars and the shutdown of Badarpur power plant. Only time will tell how smooth these decisions go down the throats of the Delhites. Road safety is another important issue that the government must encounter head-on. Why road safety? Hundreds of innocent lives are lost every month on Delhis roads. A lot of these lives could have been saved had there been enough and good quality road safety products, had these people been taken to the hospitals a little earlier. We simply cannot keep on losing these lives. And therefore, we have to do something about it. Roads become safer when people follow the traffic rules – when therere enough of road safety products – and when injured people are taken to hospitals without losing much of the precious time. When we talk about road safety products , we talk about traffic safety cones, barriers, speed breakers, warning signs, etc. If they can be deployed strategically across the city, we can significantly lower the incidence of road accidents. Traffic police also needs to up their presence on the roads to strictly implement the traffic rules. And since even good quality road safety products or parking management products dont cost much, especially when you buy them in bulk, they can be deployed across the city, and lives can be saved. Lives that are too precious to be lost on roads. Its a big time for Delhites – the government seems to be in an action mode and the coming few months can be full of decisions and implementations. Of course, itll have to tweak its strategy in response to peoples reactions – but its a good start. And we all should welcome it. Delhi has a glorious history and an amazing present – we, as citizens of this beautiful city, have to ensure we keep it in best shape so our coming generations dont miss out on the charm and experience that Delhi is all about. The government and common folks have to come together and collaborate on this mission Clean Delhi Green Delhi. Its not an impossible mission – all we need is a grit to do it no matter what comes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: