Defining And Finding

Happiness How do you define happiness? Is it the things you own, the things you do, or by the people you surround yourself with? While it may be a challenge to get a direct answer to that, scientists have been hard at work attempting to define the very same thing that’s eluded people for centuries. Breaking down happiness into a physical science, studies have found there to be two types of happiness; "perceived happiness" and "moment-to-moment happiness." As it turns out, most people define their happiness by their life as a whole, "perceived happiness," which is usually what is expected if someone was to ask you, "how happy would you say you are?" This asks you to look in retrospect and make a judgment call on the overall quality of your life. While this might be fine, a person could be very unhappy at the time of asking, and they would give you an answer saying they are quite happy; not something you’d expect to hear. The best way to define happiness is by your moment-to-moment happiness. This asks you to constantly look at your life every minute of every day to see how happy you are. It’s assumed that if you’re living in America today, you might be quite satisfied with your perceived happiness, but lacking greatly with your moment-to-moment happiness. So why is this? It seems that most people aren’t happy with their jobs or duties outside of work, which is where the majority of people around the country spend their time due to the way job structures are. Even then, when people get home, they end up doing more duties or chores to upkeep their material goods. So which is more accurate? That depends on your own point of view. Would you rather be happy except when you think about it or would you rather think you are happy when questioned but in reality experience fewer moments of true happiness? Now how do keep your happiness on a consistent basis? Your quality of living plays an important part in your happiness levels so the best thing to do is to focus on the world around you. It might not be something that crosses your mind to often, as you may think expensive or beautiful material goods are all that’s required for a "good quality" of living. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. A peaceful and clean Earth is what can truly make a difference in your quality of living. What you should take away from this article is that you need to find what your happiness levels really are, then make the appropriate changes to your life in order to make yourself truly happy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: