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Decimating the early renewal of Adams handsome anti poaching executives: low cost at Arsenal –   sports Sohu; Yangcheng Evening News reporter Su Nymphoides: Guangzhou Fuli club yesterday announced the renewal of coach Stojkovic, the new contract to 2020; club vice chairman Huang Shenghua said, in order to renew the stable development of the club, he hope can become "R & F Wenger". In August 2015, he took over the original contract period to the end of 2017. Now the club ahead of a year and a half contract, and signed contracts for more than 4 years, in addition to draw by Shanghai port Erickson’s lessons, the handsome teaching scores appreciates and accepted by the idea of coaching is the main reason. 2014, Guangzhou Fuli coach by Erickson won the League third. In preparation for the AFC Champions League League playoff, decimating the club and from the expiration of the contract and the first half of the Erickson renewed talks, but found that the Shanghai port already Erickson and dark compliment". The club be taken by surprise in the next season, decimating the relegation crisis experienced change radically. Stojkovic took over and led the team to avoid relegation. This season, the club small cost, he led in the middle of the season has been out of the relegation zone, the FA Cup semifinals; especially in the "devil" in July 6 wins 1 flat 1 negative, the club is very satisfied. "Coach Jin Yuanzhongchao" era of scarce resources, if not, no longer stable handsome, had been the scene. He has been the international football "xiangbobo", in April this year, the French club Marseille had an olive branch, Fuli Club determined not to put people, he also is not interested, so not to continue negotiations. The manager is the best coach, but the best fit for the team. His gorgeous football philosophy, as well as focus on youth, and R & F Club advocating technology flow, based on the concept of long-term development is very fit. R & F has been committed to train local players, hope to reshape the southern football glory. He is also very bold use of new this season, local players such as Ning was so reuse. Last month, Huang Shenghua in an interview with reporters, said: "in the years of coaching in the A Senna, the team can be ranked in the top few, the club is also profitable in the past 20 years. This is consistent with the idea that we would like to gain in a low cost operation." Huang Shenghua in an interview yesterday again, he is to renew the stable development of the club, "this has a profound impact on our club, can keep the style of stability and stable development of the club". He and Wenger had a friendship mentoring. 1995 season, Stojkovic joined the Japanese J League Nagoya whale eight, the coach is exactly the same as Wenger. Every time it comes to Wenger, he said that the past two years was an unforgettable experience. Stojkovic in the R & F team coaching environment is more relaxed, there is full control, there are long enough to build team cycle, the club’s philosophy is exactly what the respected. He said he would stay in Guangzhou for a long time. "Now it’s time to rebuild the team. I want to build this team for all the people who like it".相关的主题文章: