Dad Zhang Lunshuo 4 married Christy Chung will not retire oboni

"Dad" Zhang Lunshuo: 4 Christy Chung and Zhang Lunshuo Christy Chung will not retire after the Guangzhou Daily reporter Moss its grid in mango TV just aired "daddy go 4" fourth period, Dad accidentally disappeared, picking up the girl koala vitality for the younger kids responsibility, countless powder ring. Yesterday, with a koala on the program, practice dad Zhang Lunshuo accepted the reporter WeChat interview, bluntly participated in the program since the biggest regret is only one daughter to participate. Guangzhou Daily: as an intern father, you participate in the program after the word "Dad" what new insights? Zhang Lunshuo: I was a dad when I went to Daddy, because I didn’t marry my wife. In fact, I think the word "Dad", the most important thing is to rely on and trust. As long as you give the child the true feelings, and then they will have a very, very sincere feelings for you, really do not have much relationship with the blood. Moreover, other entertainment programs can play with children, but you will find out, you have to take into account the child’s safety, mood, health and rest, will be very nervous, so men have children will suddenly do not like. Guangzhou Daily: and Christy Chung [micro-blog] from the reality show love to life, but now many of the topics that reality show is "play", how do you see? Zhang Lunshuo: for the imaginary love reality show, I think we really use the emotional collision, but it is not to say that you will be a result of the collision, so my wife and I together is fate. I believe this is really a fate, I think we are the first pair of success. But from the reality show to face the pressure of life, there are many problems to be solved, such as personality, habits of life. Guangzhou Daily: what is the most attractive place for your wife? Zhang Lunshuo: my wife’s greatest charm is that she is a single mother with three daughters, but also to maintain this optimistic and positive spirit. I think it’s too hard! That’s what she’s attracted to me and makes me feel the best. Guangzhou Daily: now become a major pillar of the family, will feel great pressure? Zhang Lunshuo: I feel a pillar of the do not good, I hope my future work will be more successful and can make my wife more comfortable, the children also grow more healthily. It is better to let my daughter-in-law not so hard, we can have more time to educate children. Guangzhou Daily: Mrs. retreat will consider taking care of children? Zhang Lunshuo: when we get married, I hope we’ll always have a good job and time like before we got married. I think she will not retire, because she is the heart loves her job, rather than to make money. (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: