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Business A major variable in the startup costs listed in your construction .pany business plan is the cash needed for equipment and tools. As you think through these needs, consider these choices. Choosing Services You cannot begin to estimate equipment requirements before knowing what type of construction you engage in and what services you will or will not offer. This decision should be driven by the experience of the team and the opportunity in the market, although the overall cost of equipment may enter into the decision as well. If it apparent that you will not be able to recover the cost of equipment in a reasonable period of time, you may have to rethink offering services which require that equipment. Buy, Lease, Rent, or Subcontract Secondly, it is important to remember that purchasing outright the equipment required for a service you must offer may not be necessary. Leasing equipment can reduce the cost of launching and the needs for raising capital, although the total cost of acquiring the items will be higher in the end. If the equipment will be needed for tasks which wont be necessary on every project, or will only be needed sporadically or at one stage, renting the equipment for those periods of time may be a better option, assuming a quality renter is available in your locale. Finally, it may make sense to simply outsource the work that requires certain specialized equipment to .panies which already own the needed tools and have staff trained specifically. Subcontractors specializing in roofing or framing, for example, have the needed tools of the trade and the expertise to do the work less expensively than your .pany. However, keep in mind that the more work your .pany subcontracts, the greater the burden on your managers to check quality, to manage vendor schedule, and to develop other skills of vendor .munication and negotiation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: