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"Cloud picture" broken 20 Park sword will wear hanbok signature will do Pu Baojian Sina entertainment news KBS drama on fire "cloud painted Moonlight" on the evening of 12 ratings reached 20.4%, the success of a breakthrough 20%. Previously, park sword has set the ratings convention, exceeded 20% after wearing hanbok autographs at Gwanghwamun will be held. For when to perform the Convention, Pu Baojian, said the company will be decided after deliberation. Brokerage companies, said: the ratings successfully exceeded 20%, the performance of the Convention will be carried out after the consultation, has not yet been determined." The "cloud painted Moonlight" also said: "although the performance ratings convention schedule would consult with brokerage firms, but the current drama shooting schedule is very tight, difficult to immediately perform viewing Convention may, in the drama shooting near the end. In addition, the contact site is also a problem, so can not give an accurate answer." In addition, the cloud of the moon 12 evening broadcast of the seventh sets of ratings reached 20.4%, refresh their highest record, while winning the title section. BNT news feeds Wang Rongwen BNT news DB figure (Taiwanese Meatballs: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: