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Womens-Issues Clarks Wallabees are a very famous brand that is known around the world. They were created by an innovative family that prospered in the leather and wool trade. In 1825, Cyrus and James Clark decided that they would use the local wool to create sheepskin rugs and slippers. They hired people in the village and started creating their wares. The business ran well. It became even better, however, in 1885 when William Clark had the brilliant inspiration to make the shoe fit the foot! Before, shoes were created that did not follow the line of the food and had to be broken in for quite awhile before they become comfortable. William’s idea found instant fame! Evolution In 1950 another ancestor, Nathan Clark, enjoyed the crepe-soled boots that were given to the officers during World War II. He thought that they would work well with the shoes that C&J Clark were manufacturing, so he integrated that into the design. Later that year they discovered how to vulcanize rubber soles directly into leather. A fine design indeed! It wasn’t until the 1960’s, however, when Lance Clark created the world’s first "comfort shoe". It was a shoe that fit the foot perfectly. A shoe that required no breaking in time, and was so comfortable to wear that many people hated to take them off. This became known as Clarks Wallabees. Now Now Clark’s Wallabees are known all over the world. They are considered to be one of the best high-end retail shoemakers in Britain. Their reputation is to create shoes that are extremely comfortable and are available for a very reasonable price. This is what makes Clarks one of the best shoe makers in the world. Not only do they create shoes that you want to wear all the time, they create shoes that you can afford to wear all the time. Variety One of the nice things about the Clarks Wallabees is that there is a huge variety available to purchase. There are the low-cut Clarks Wallabees which are perfect for a cool autumn day, and the Clarks Wallabees boots which are great for heading outside in the winter weather. If you live in an area that has a lot of winter weather, you have to appreciate being able to slip your feet quickly and easily into something that is comfortable as well as warm. After all, no one likes to have to take ten minuets out of their schedule in order to lace their feet up in a pair of uncomfortable boots. With Clarks Wallabees, you can just slip your feet in and head out the door! The Basics When it comes to Clarks Walabees, the company is really going back to basic. They look for comfort first, price second, and looks third. They want you to enjoy wearing their product so much that you will mourn when it finally comes time to replace an old favorite pair. However, with the stupendous and lasting quality that Clarks is famous for, it may take awhile. boots, clarks shoes, clarks wallabees, slippers, wallabees About the Author: 相关的主题文章: