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China team lost to Syria team – Hubei Channel – October 6th, Chinese team player Zhang Yuning (later) and the opponents in the game play. Newspaper reporter Shi Jiamin photo newspaper Beijing on 6 October,   (reporter Chen Chenxi) the evening of 6 Chinese men’s soccer team against Syria in the Shaanxi province stadium, but failed to achieve the desire to win home court, 0: 1 lost to rivals. At present, the Chinese team in the 2018 World Cup Asian qualifying 12 strong 3, 1, 2, fifth. In the match, the Chinese team which took advantage of the home ground discharged the team with the attack as the main line. However, the Chinese team did not take advantage of the attack in the face of the opponent’s more active open defense. In the second half, the other side took advantage of Chinese goalkeeper’s attack error to win the winning goal. Although the team behind a ball, the scene more than 40 thousand fans still cheer for the Chinese team in the heavy rain, impressive. Continuous adjustment lineup of Chinese team still failed to get a good chance to break the door, and eventually defeated. In October 11th, the Chinese team will challenge Uzbekistan team on the road. "People’s Daily" (07 October 2016 02 Edition) (week: Tim, commissioning editor Zhang Jun) 中国队负于叙利亚队–湖北频道–人民网   10月6日,中国队球员张玉宁(后)与对手在比赛中拼抢。  本报记者 史家民摄   本报北京10月6日电 (记者陈晨曦)中国男足6日晚在陕西省体育场迎战叙利亚队,可惜未能实现主场战而胜之的愿望,以0∶1负于对手。目前,中国队在2018年世界杯亚洲区预选赛12强赛中3战1平2负,位居小组第五。  本场比赛,占据主场之利的中国队排出了以攻为主的阵容,然而面对对手较为主动开放的防守,中国队并未在进攻中占得优势。下半时,对方利用中国队门将出击失误打入制胜一球。尽管球队一球落后,现场4万多名球迷依然在大雨中为中国队加油助威,令人动容。连续调整阵容的中国队依然没能获得上佳的破门机会,最终落败。10月11日,中国队将在客场挑战乌兹别克斯坦队。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月07日 02 版) (责编:周恬、张隽)相关的主题文章: