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Children with spit? Parents beware of children infected with the virus – Sohu maternal and child from November 3rd to 5, Nanjing, a kindergarten has more than 20 children vomiting, stomach pain, dizziness, fever and other phenomena. November 8th, the Nanjing municipal CDC confirmed that after the test of the case of vomiting specimens, the results show that norovirus positive, that is, the children are infected with norovirus! What is norovirus? Norovirus, also known as Novak virus, is a highly pathogenic, highly infectious intestinal virus, a high incidence of cold season. Norovirus susceptible population is mainly in young children, its incubation period is very short, usually only one to two days. The main symptoms of infection were nausea, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Pediatric patients with vomiting, adult patients showed more watery diarrhea, no mucus pus and blood. Compared with the general gastroenteritis, norovirus gastroenteritis of longer duration, usually lasts three or four days, accompanied by headache, muscle pain and other symptoms, parents should pay attention to identify. The baby is infected with norovirus how to do? Although there is no effective antiviral drugs, there is no vaccine preventable, but fortunately it is a self limiting disease, short duration, that is to say, healthy people do not take medicine, 1~3 days will recover. If the baby symptoms are mild, parents at home to symptomatic treatment and care can be. What is symptomatic treatment and care? That is, if they give the baby have a fever cooling, if diarrhea will help baby diarrhea and vomiting if rehydration, help your baby stomach. Children vomiting symptoms, you can let the stomach rest for 1~2 hours, a small number of times to feed the baby some water or rice soup, do not give the baby to eat milk, eggs, soy milk and other easy to bloating food. If accompanied by diarrhea, pay attention to the baby replenishment, oral rehydration salts. Oral rehydration salts to the baby should be a small number of appropriate. 2~3 minutes, 10~20 ml, and we should pay attention to it. Finally, the kangaroo mom decided to remind parents of norovirus through contaminated water, food, goods, air and other communication, therefore, must let the baby develop good health habits, do not wash their hands, drink water, eat undercooked shellfish, less to the densely populated place, avoid cross infection. What are the "big things" happening this week? With the kangaroo Ma a look ~ A. 1, born 5 days of baby anecdotes with charming smile according to the British "Daily Mail" reported recently, an American mother himself was born 5 days of baby photos on social networks, this picture of an instant burst of red. It is reported that this is a premature baby, she is only 1.7 kg weight. The average weight of the little guy weighed less than the newborn, but she maintained her charming smile for the cameras, she did not stage fright. After reading, the heart of the Meng have? I hope that every day after the little guy is as happy as it is now. 2, India boy illness long face was all worship according to the British "Daily Mail.相关的主题文章: