Cai Guoqing’s son Chen Kun, who is also a child, is also a child of the children of the world whereisip

Cai Guoqing, the son of Chen Kun, who is also a child of public concern, the number of children, Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: Cai Guoqing led the sudden mysterious child ten star in September 22nd, Cai Guoqing published a long article, admit their marriage ", already licensing and recognition of a 7 year old son Qing Qing, and confirmed to join in the fourth quarter of" daddy go ". Cai Guoqing said that in recent years, he has been trying to calm the safety of raising his son to celebrate, and Daddy where is the best opportunity to take him face the world. Cai Guoqing said in the article: "youth marriage may be worth this age but a whoop and a holler, I love more low-key and peaceful life!" At the same time, Cai Guoqing’s statement also confirmed CAI and his son will join the fourth quarter, where the father of the news. Cai Guoqing said, Dad where to go, the whole record of my children and I will have so many colorful life, but also to expose his son to a broader world. In addition to Cai Guoqing, there are a lot of stars suddenly a child, stupid music together under the inventory and who: Alan Tam: by the end of 2008, Alan Tam’s wife left home and became a nun, is mainly because of the relationship between Alan Tam and the two harmonic not real jeongbang. It is reported that as early as 2006, Alan Tam’s father died before the death of Alan Tam, in order to let father no worry, once he and Wendy’s illegitimate child by the name of Tan Xiaofeng discloses the bold. Wendy’s first wife Alan Tam later into a nunnery pianfang. Peak: Na Ying husband, former international summit "illegitimate child" storm had a peak to create a great sensation, refused to admit that due to external pressure and identified by DNA, three year old boy, is the son of the peak, so the court sentenced the peak pay alimony of $180 thousand. This child is the peak of Wang Nawen and playing in Shenyang once the woman born illegitimate child incident caused in pregnancy after Na Ying and Na Ying also raise a Babel of criticism of the peak, breaking up. Zhou Runfa: Zhou Runfa has a twenty year old daughter! According to media reports, Zhou Runfa in love with his wife, there was a female and a female makeup of teachers and students, now Hongkong is a children’s television show host, her name is fu! The report also said that Zhou Runfa’s wife sister also know this, but because no makeup from Zhou Runfa after marriage, even the daughter rarely involved, and his wife did not birth, so they always hide in the matter! Schwarzenegger: 25 years of marriage broke up with Schwarzenegger and his wife. Has been the envy of the perfect couple has come to this separation step, reasons leading to speculation about. But soon Schwarzenegger admitted that because of his The case is entirely cleared., more than and 10 years ago and a staff affair and gave birth to a illegitimate child, it caused great damage to the wife Shleifer, so temporarily separated. Shriver also responded, saying, "painful and heartbreaking". Ng Man Tat: Uncle young dissolute, he and his first wife Malili married 76 years after marriage, gave birth to twin daughters in 1989, because of work reasons without understanding)相关的主题文章: