Bianca Bai has been registered for marriage the future to her husband’s son-sunny came home

Bianca Bai: the future of the registered marriage to husband son Bianca Bai Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Bianca Bai [micro-blog] in June this year, and suddenly heard Shaw CEO boyfriend Tang Tang (Donald) at the end of the two months pregnant, the next life, earlier this month for new film "Bianca Bai" at the time of Sinopec Sales return she said low-key yet empty marriage registration, but said after the banquet, the media reported that Bianca Bai yesterday (29 days) in an interview, the couple finally admitted that the registration of marriage, is already legally married. According to reports, Bianca Bai yesterday in an interview, and generous about the happiness of motherhood experience, said the heart is now in the son, go to work often think of the baby, visible Aiko, talked about her boyfriend Tang Tang, Bianca Bai used to always call each other "Tang", in this interview she admitted that she had registered two people, call has become a "husband", speech revealed married the sweet steadfast. Bianca Bai had previously revealed that the Tang Tang has been low-key husband to marry him, "the others have", although she was to protect her husband outsider identity, unwilling to talk about the details, but said they have now moved to tears, romantic intentions visible Tang Tang, two people officially formed a family of three happy family, Bianca Bai is not however, the future will be the son, husband is heavy, may reduce the workload. (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: