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UnCategorized The Nottingham-based electronica music act Bent joined together in 1999. In 2000, the Bent lyrics were recorded and released in their first album, Programmed to Love. Although the album Programmed to Love was lauded by critics, the album opened up to modest international sales. Programmed to Love topped the eighth position on the Norwegian pop charts. Bent is .prised to two band mates, Simon Mills and Neil Tolliday. Starting out, they would sample their own previous work, which even the band members themselves admitted were below par, or as they put it, dodgy. They then worked their way towards developing more original work by 2004. The humor from Bents music .es from accessorizing their music with samples of admittedly low-brow, shoddy quality, then rising the music to a pedestal of ironic royal greatness. Songs created by Bent have appeared in several television ads, including for Abslut vodka, the Carlsberg Bank, and the UK Conservative political party. One of their Bents songs is also used on the UK television show, Keen Eddie. In 1984, Mike Reno and Ann Wilson recorded the Almost Paradise lyrics, a rock power ballad which became a big hit. Eric Carmen wrote the song, along with Dean Pitchford. Almost Paradise appeared as the love theme song in the 1984 film Footloose. The lyrics of the Almost Paradise are about meeting your soul mate just when you think its hopeless to find love again. This theme song also fits thematically with the Footloose film for which it was recorded. The Almost Paradise song spent a week at the top spot in the Billboard charts. Interestingly, both Mike Reno and Ann Wilson are Canadian. Mike Reno is best known as the front man for Loverboy, a well-known rock band from the 80s, as well as the band Moxy. Early in Mike Renos career, he joined a couple cover bands and played drums before joining more original bands. He has contributed to several film soundtracks, including Footloose. Ann Wilson is best known for her role as lead vocalist for the rock band Heart. Even though Sand Diego resident Wilson is the only remaining member in the line-up of Heart, the band still boasts a long 35-year career, releasing their latest album in 2010. Wilson admits that her latest album is more of a retrospective, reflecting on the long road shes been on and what she learned from her experiences. She recorded her first solo album in 2006. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: