Beijing life look south 4 reasons for choosing the peacock City Xindu Spa restorator

Beijing life look south choice spa Xindu 4 reasons peacock City spa Xindu peacock city (real estate information) 63-160 square meters spa mansion open livable life with Beijing and the coordinated development of Beijing’s new airport construction speed, south of Beijing value driven "off", Langfang, Yongqing, Guan, Bazhou and other South plate gradually rise. In this "together look south" moment, from the traffic convenience, supporting infrastructure and improve the extent of regional superiority industry situation, located in South Beijing, transportation hub, Tianjin, Baoding three city center spa Xindu peacock city is on the rise! Look at the traffic: Beijing PA suburban railway is expected to be completed in 2019, enjoying convenient and convenient traffic conditions is the primary condition around the Beijing real estate development. Hot springs is located in Beijing, Tianjin Xindu peacock City, Baoding three City Center for South regional transportation hub, with the Beijing Tianjin wide Langzhuo three horizontal and two vertical cross traffic network; Beijing, Daguang, new airport 3 high-speed there; jinbaogaotie, Tsubo speed, the new airport docking. The Beijing high-speed rail is expected to be completed in 2019, then, the traffic network will be further upgraded to a station up to the new airport, two station Beijing City, and enjoy the future unlimited convenience, let cross city work becomes possible. Look at the industry, upgrade the value of regional hot detonated City Xindu super cities is Beijing collaborative development trend of an important part of the great. Where hot springs Xindu peacock city core area is accounted for the future development of a new city heart. The next 3 years, the core area will build the focus of the project, focusing on investment of $10 billion 30. The first phase of the key planning Central Park, spa street, The Inn Boutique. Later will continue to create cultural and creative neighborhoods, hot bar street, spa, hot springs, such as the theme of a series of supporting groups. In the future, the core area will be upgraded to accommodate 400 thousand of the population of the super city, through the continuous pattern of the rich city, the evolution of the life of the elite of the Beijing elite. Look at the brand: 13 years of deep plowing Beijing peacock city of 13 years with roots in Beijing, more than 50 thousand households of the common choice of every year, peacock city is like the Beijing real estate project development scale and Beijing sales leader, with excellent quality of the trusted leisure health and vacation in the field of popular. Now the peacock came to Bazhou City, only 22 billion cubic silicon fluoride to hot springs spa resources as the base, to create a "Fountain" Department of health products to create new upgrade masterpiece, Jingnan spa city. See matching: a new generation of super livable Town, 10 minutes walk from the circle of all the function of supporting a new generation of super peacock city livable town with "two 10 minutes" for planning standard, build 10 minutes walk and 10 minutes of life circle circle. 10 minutes walk, up to the Super Green Road, community park, community life center (community clubs, community kindergartens, community clinics, 24 hour convenience stores, fresh vegetable market etc.), meet the owners, the elderly and children, pets and daily life activities demand. 10 minutes by car, up to the city level: happy harbor, happy school, happy hospital, five star hotel, venture building, planning exhibition hall, Central Park, etc.. Household hot springs, Chengtie to the front of the building area of 62相关的主题文章: