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Beijing intends to tourists uncivilized behavior can be refused entry into a quasi filing area – Sohu news June 9th, Tiantan Park, people climb trees shake the trunk to pick the apricot. Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing photo Beijing News in the future, in the the Imperial Palace, Tiantan and other cultural relics at the graffiti, damage to cultural relics, or travel to Beijing during the disrupting travel order of the visitors, scenic spots, travel agencies are expected to be on their right to say "no". The city of Beijing tourism Ordinance yesterday submitted to the Beijing fourteenth session of the Standing Committee of the twenty-ninth meeting of the "(Draft)", for the tourism uncivilized behavior, and the intangible cultural heritage scenic announcer, tour, folk and other hot issues were clearly defined. The rich content of the credit system construction of the fourteenth Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the twenty-ninth meeting held yesterday, the "Beijing tourism Ordinance (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as draft) submitted for consideration. Beijing Municipal People’s Congress caijingwei vice chairman Cheng Xiaojun introduced the revised draft to enrich the construction of credit system, in the continuation of regulations for tourism operators and practitioners at the same time, the tourists of the principle of uncivilized behavior record the relevant provisions, in the clear. Specifically, in the "tourism supervision and management" in a chapter, requiring the municipal tourism administrative departments and relevant departments should establish and improve the system of tourism uncivilized behavior record. The contents stated as "in the tourism activities have disrupted public transport order, destruction of public sanitation and public facilities, damage, and other cultural relics seriously disrupt the travel order behavior of tourists, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, into the city’s tourism is not the record the behavior of the tourists, scenic spots, travel agencies can refuse provide travel services for the." The six major scenic spots on make special arrangements for Cheng Xiaojun, the last scrutiny of the bill that has the Standing Committee members believe that the the Imperial Palace, Tiantan and other six world cultural heritage is an important tourism resource, and promote and demonstrate the important representative of national history and culture. For this kind of scenic spots should be able to demonstrate and reflect the true meaning and essence of the world cultural heritage, scenic content should be more informative, more standardized service. Therefore, the financial and Economic Committee recommended a bill in the tourism business to add a chapter, to make special arrangements for the interpretation of such scenic spots. She introduced a revised draft clearly, for the city of Beijing is listed in the world cultural heritage the Imperial Palace, Tiantan, the Summer Palace, the Badaling Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Zhoukoudian, Beijing and other scenic sites, should gradually implement guide management system. At the same time, scenic area should be standardized to explain the content, increase the explanation of the historical and cultural connotation, strengthen the commentator, tour guides, tourism volunteer training, the training of qualified personnel, the interpreter certificate issued by the scenic area. And did not get a permit to explain the scenic spots in the field of personnel should not engage in tourism team to explain the service. The focus of a tour itinerary listed are necessary for a tour of concern, the revised draft plan through legislation, make more specific design of the system in the management level, in the maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests of tourists, Ying相关的主题文章: