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Beijing, Henan Province to deepen comprehensive cooperation – Society – People’s original title: Beijing, Henan Province to deepen comprehensive cooperation in August 22nd, a comprehensive deepening of strategic cooperation forum held in beijing. Beijing, Henan and the two countries signed a comprehensive deepening strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, Henan province. According to the agreement, both sides will be in the south to North Water Diversion Project to green development, cooperation, innovation and development, open development, industrial development, infrastructure, education, health, culture and sports talent exchanges and other aspects to deepen cooperation, cooperation between the two places into the all-round, multi field, high level of comprehensive deepening of the new stage. 5 years ago, the Henan Provincial People’s government and the Beijing Municipal People’s government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Henan Province in Zhengzhou. In 5 years, cooperation projects in Henan province and Beijing area a total of 1911, the contract area in Beijing capital of 10870 yuan, has actually invested 431 billion 900 million yuan in Henan, accounting for "12th Five-Year" in Henan during the period of the introduction of foreign capital of 14.3%, ranked first in the country. To vigorously promote the transformation of Henan province "by the province of education" to "strong education", "population move from province to province of talent, in the depth of cooperation, the two will promote the implementation of new initiatives. In the aspect of strengthening cooperation in higher education, Henan University of Science and Technology, Henan Normal University and other 7 universities in Henan, and Beijing University of Technology, Capital Normal University and other 7 universities in Beijing, through one-on-one mode from academic exchanges, personnel training, collaborative innovation, build discipline etc. to carry out all-round exchanges and cooperation. In the promotion of human resources cooperation, Beijing city will organize a group of experts to carry out "Beijing experts into Henan" service activities to help Henan to break a number of key technologies, to solve a number of bottlenecks, cultivate a group of talents, to carry out a number of social welfare activities. Both sides of their respective colleges and universities, post doctoral station units will increase the recruitment of postdoctoral personnel, joint training efforts. (reporter Wang Shengxi correspondent Song Hongjin) (MA may commissioning editor (Intern), Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章: