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Relationships a wedding planner is no easy task. It may look easy because the course you have to take in order to be.e one is just as long as black jack dealing school or bartending school. Neither of these professions are as easy as they look either, but wedding planning, I think most everyone would agree, would be the hardest of the three. Getting someone the wrong drink at a bar wouldnt really matter. Dealing someone anything over or under twenty-one isnt the dealers fault either. In fact, its usually expected. But misspelling the brides name on the wedding invitations would get the wedding planner killed or even worse. Spelling it out for you almost wont be necessary. Weddings these days cost an average of twenty thousand dollars and many people are going to have more than one in their lifetimes. That equals just about enough money to put a kid through an in state college of your choice. If you think about it, most weddings actually take around six months to a year to plan. One day takes that much time. Imagine how many decisions and how many things can actually go wrong. Now imagine all of these things are your responsibility because you are getting paid to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. You have to make sure the wedding flowers are fresh lilies flown in from the highest mountains of Asia. You need to find the photographer who photographed the baby in all of the frames that you buy, and most importantly, you need to find the guest list that will be able to maintain harmony for a period of five to six hours. Being a wedding planner seems like it would be glamorous and thrilling, but the stress involved would be enough to drive any level headed professional mad. Juggling bride after bride would make even the most logical and cool-headed person want to scream. I would be extra careful if you choose to pursue the path of event planner, especially wedding planning, because you might just get your head chewed off, literally. When it .es down to it, how many weddings do you think will go wrong before you gain enough experience to get one right? A three-week class isnt going to teach you the necessary things to handle it. Whether its drunk uncles or missing wedding favors that might wreck everything, I wish you the best of luck. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: