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Writing-and-Speaking In the past, the best man has said only a few words to a traditional toast to the groom.  Now days, it is customary to create a polished, entertaining five to ten minutes of anecdotes and rhetoric.  In this respect, it is often wise to enlist the services of professionals to help get the job done right!  For example, Classic Speeches for Best Men have updated all their wedding speeches and included  a new selection of best man speeches ready for the 2009 wedding season. Best men all over the world suffer the same fate of not only .anizing the stag or bucks night party, but to stand in front of many friends, family and acquaintenances and deliver a great anecdote or shot story about the groom and how he came to be married on that day.  Often it is good to give a little bit of advice to the newlywed, and this can often be extended to the bride also, for if anyone should know the groom it should be you!  But you need to be a little bit careful, and creative with your words, for to be funny, witty, but to the point and honest and sincere it takes carefully crafted words and orchestrated into a melody of sentances that will keep the audience entertained and the respective families embelishing in the experience. As a seasoned professional writer and public speaker, you know that the first part of preparing your speech is to do your research.  Realistically, you should spend about 1 hour preparing your speech for every minute that you are speaking.  so a five minute speech shouldn’t take you any longer than 5 hours to prepare.  For this part I would suggest that you simply download some pre-written speeches to get you started.   Often, you will find you’ll get a whole lot of bonus materials too, some attractive free gifts usually including advice on how to present your speech, tips on relaxing and preparing your speech,  and controlling  your nerves throughout.  You will find these resources very helpful not only in preparing your speech, but also your delivery…  for it doesn’t matter how well prepared your speech is if all you can do is stumble your way through the delivery!  The biggest issue with wedding speeches is simply making a start.  Knowing what to say and when to say it, and more importantly, what not to say.  This may be due to the fact that there is an expectation these days that the best man will deliver a funny, witty speech, littered with humor but one that doesn’t offend the bride, groom or anyone else in the audience. Although there is a lot of information that can be found online and in libraries, putting it all together can be somewhat challenging.  For more information please visit Classic Best Man Speeches 相关的主题文章: