Australian media Chinese borrow jump to guess search mh370 intelligence – Sohu to disclose details

Australian media Chinese borrow jump to guess search MH370 intelligence details – Sohu Military Channel Global Times reported: Australian media speculation "Chinese threat" added new idea — "China search MH370 ships rarely participate in search of work, there may be spying on Australian military action". Chinese military experts Li Jie 23, Global Times reporter, said this argument is untenable from the technical analysis, the nature of the rescue ship equipment and personnel and intelligence collection ship is not the same. The content of this article has not been confirmed by any Australian official. "The Australian newspaper" reported that 23 China search MH370 east sea rescue 101 wheel arrived in port Freeman’s for the first time since 7 months ago, almost did not carry out any actual search activity "," most of the time, just for one cause or another, or stay in the sea near the harbor or Freeman Ritter. Either because of the weather in South India ocean search area or the North ". Australian joint agency coordination center responsible for search work through the analysis of the communique released, the article said the ship China sonar imaging ship towing system performs only "17 to 30 days" of the search operation. Freeman’s harbour is located in the state of Western Australia City, about 20 kilometers southwest of perth. "The Australian" Macao said, many military facilities in Perth nearby, such as the Royal Australian Navy base in Stryn and Macao airborne SWAT team, and the defense satellite communication station in Western Australia. "From my past experience in intelligence, it was a surprise to me that a ship like the East China Sea rescue 101 did not play the role of intelligence gathering," said Clive, a former director of the Australian Security Intelligence Group, said in. However, Peter, executive director of the Australian Institute of strategic policy, said Jennings, the East China Sea rescue 101 wheel built as an intelligence collection ship is not the purpose of china. Even so, the ship will routinely pay attention to any access to Freeman Ritter in Hong Kong and the Royal Australian Navy base in Stryn, all of which will enrich the ship activity and ability of database." Jennings believes that the East China Sea rescue 101 round of the real value of this trip is to learn about the search and rescue activities carried out world-class technology, tactics and procedures. "The Australian" Chinese said, "the captain and crew is likely to use the interaction with Australia and international experts, advanced western water to obtain search technology and equipment, and thorough testing of submarine tracking technology". According to the Australian joint agency coordination center report, is still in the implementation of the search mission is the Holland nationality ship "Hui solid equator" and the East China Sea rescue 101 wheel. More than a month ago, another search ship "solid solid found" to leave the search area, went to Singapore to start another project. "Global Times" reporter found that the Australian media in this report uses a lot of words such as "may" and "probably", "in accordance with the Convention" and "reasonable" and other words to speculate. And the Australian newspaper did not get from the joint agency coordination center, the East China Sea rescue 101 round of the number of days to perform search operations data. A reader named "Russell" on the website said, "there is no evidence that the assumption of a""相关的主题文章: