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Alternative We positively believe that we can beat cancer through the most updated and effective treatments and medicines these days. There are lots of cases that have demonstrated cancer can be healed – if your body is prepared and is really strong. Another aspect is if you’ve got a healthy immune system and we can’t also deny that if we have an enormous budget we can easily be healed. We usually label cancer as a disease for wealthy people, mainly because they can afford all the treatments, medicines and the likes so if you’re not blessed to have a good amount of money, you can’t pull through. I’d like to debunk the idea that cancer is a condition made for rich individuals, I am very grateful to share with you the reports of alternative cancer treatment survivors. They’re individuals who have been healed by alternative treatments for cancer. They carry extraordinary stories they can share to motivate other folks to be strong and love their bodies as well. I have researched and interviewed some cancer survivors who have battled this disease for a number of years but nonetheless continuously believe that they can over.e cancer and today are living happily and better than ever. A survivor of Lymphoma cancer What is Lymphoma cancer? Lymphoma is cancer of lymph cells. It is a type of white blood cell. It’s found in the blood and lymph nodes, a lymphoma or lymph cells abnormal and once it starts multiplying quickly can grow to a cancer. There are two main groups of lymphoma cancer, the Hodgkins lymphoma and the non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The difference of the two is purely microscopic and can only be defined then. I spoke to this particular patient and she told me that the moment she decided to go through alternative cancer treatment she in no way gave it any doubt. She believed that she will be healed, she went to an alternative cancer treatment center in Arizona and in a matter of months she was healed and today she can do the things that she cannot do before when she still had cancer. A survivor of Prostate cancer What is Prostate cancer? Prostate cancer is a malignant tumor that consists of cells from the prostate glands. The tumor develops slowly and gradually and remains confined for quite some time. Some aggressive types of prostate cancer cause a significant shortening of life span. Studies prove that cancer of the prostate is one of the leading cause of death after cancer of the lungs. A survivor of this cancer revealed to me his story and I was overwhelmed because right now he is carrying on with his life – visiting the gym, actively playing sports, participating in reunions and the other things he couldn’t do after he was clinically determined to have prostate cancer. He said, I thought it was the last months of my life… The treatments I had before really changed my life. I have been so empowered with the story of these two individuals. They’re glad they are living their second life with new hope that they will never return to that disease. It is a nightmare and a long sleep for them to be on that bed with that disease. Bottom line, they are the identical in their thoughts to live our everyday life to the fullest, for you won’t ever know if a disease or death will strike you. Right now, they want to live as healthier as ever and inspire other people with or without cancer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: